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Our contribution to UK Healthcare

Millions of patients throughout the UK benefit from our medicines.

We estimate that, on average, every second of every day, over 350 tablets or capsules supplied by us are taken by patients all around the UK.1

PharmacyEconomies of scale like this mean our products can deliver real value for the UK healthcare economy.

We’re a proactive company employing proactive people, so we’re actively involved with industry trade associations, healthcare professional forums and patient groups.

This means that we always seek to be at the forefront when it comes to driving the UK healthcare agenda.

Supporting the healthcare sector at every level

We’re the kind of people that make things happen, and our teams work across the NHS and beyond. From retail pharmacists, through to dispensing doctors, GPs, specialist consultants, purchasing professionals, hospital pharmacists, NHS decision making bodies and pharmaceutical wholesalers, our teams provide the kind of quality service our customers expect and patients need.

Our products can deliver real value for the UK healthcare economy.

This interaction at every level means we’re in a great position to support the NHS in managing long-term conditions, addressing cost-efficient prescribing and developing joined-up care.

Together, our people bring the Teva name, and medicines that help to prolong or improve the quality of life, to millions of UK patients.

Our priority as a pharmaceutical company has always been to make quality healthcare accessible and in the UK we’ve more than doubled in size over the last five years, and delivered impressive growth figures in the process.

Healthcare: A shared responsibility

Healthcare: a shared responsibility

As one of the UK's leading medicines providers, we at Teva UK Limited have a responsibility not only to the patients receiving our medicines, but also to the wider healthcare network.

Pharmacies & Dispensing Doctor practices

Pharmacies and dispensing doctors practices are at the heart of our generic product offering and we have established a strong working relationship with these sectors over many years.

Ongoing dialogue with pharmacists and dispensing doctor practices and active particpation in trade organisations like the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and the Company Chemists' Association (CCA) means that we can tailor our offering to be exactly what pharmacy and a dispensing practice wants and needs, while also following all the latest legislation and ways of working.

Patient groups

We endeavour to ensure that patient representative bodies and charities have the accurate and up-to-date information they need regarding our medicines.

GPs & Clinicans

We work closely with a range of healthcare professionals to ensure that they have access to up-to-date information about our medicines, so that they can be used appropriately with the right patients.


We speak to Government, politicians and civil servants to help them to better understand the role that "New Pharma" companies like Teva play in the country's healthcare. Including how improved uptake of generic medicines could free up some of the NHS budget to be spent on newer, innovative drugs, research and development, and patient access to medicines


We work in partnership with the NHS in certain areas and we have a number of interesting partnership projects and joint working initiatives with a number of different NHS organisations.

To find out more about our joint working initiatives, visit our joint working section.

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Joint Working with the NHS

Patient groups and UK charities

Patient groups and UK charities

With such a broad range of therapy areas covered by our medicines range, we also have links with a number of charities and patient organisations. We understand the values and role these important organisations play in supporting not only patients, but also their relatives and carers.

Our nominated charity is International Health Partners, which is dedicated to improving access to healthcare and medicines in the developing world. 

You can learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility work in Our Responsibility.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re also actively researching new uses for existing medicines – either by changing formulation, delivery or use to address a specific unmet patient need. We call this our New Therapeutic Entity (NTE) Programme.

You can lean more about our medicines and our research into new medicines in Our Medicines.

1 Data on file - Teva UK Limited