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Supporting Graduates

At Teva, we want to empower our future leaders

Teva UK is passionate about securing talented people who wish to learn more about the opportunities available in the pharmaceutical industry. We want to inspire, encourage and support the leaders of tomorrow.

Teva UK launched two inaugural graduate schemes in 2013. The first group of graduates have completed the scheme and successfully secured full time positions in Teva UK. Our second group have started their placements.

Commerical Management Graduate Scheme

This is a 20 month fixed term rotational programme across our main departments in our Teva UK Commercial Business.

The graduate trainees spend their time with our Commercial Departments (Respiratory, Generics and Secondary Specialty Care), Operations (Logistics & Supply Chain) and Support functions. This is so they can experience the different aspects of Teva UK and gain an understanding of how Teva UK works, both locally and globally. The trainees work closely with managers and heads of functions during their placements so the trainees accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge about how Teva UK operates as a whole.

Don’t just take our word for it! Let’s hear from our past and current graduates

Harish Kumar and Sarah Poole

Download Video: MP4, WebM Ogv

Download Video: MP4, WebM Ogv

Rebecca Barnes
I had worked in Pharmaceuticals for two years prior to being accepted into the Graduate programme but wanted to get a wider experience of the pharmaceutical industry so that I could find a job that was right for me. I’ve now worked for Teva for 7 months and have already had placements in 5 different departments! I have met a wide range of lovely people who have been friendly, kind and have supported me throughout my time here. My knowledge and confidence has come on leaps and bounds and that is due to the great teams I have worked with and the support they have given me. I feel very fortunate to have been selected for the graduate scheme.
Sally Baker
The graduate scheme for me has been an amazing experience; the transition from university to industry can be a daunting experience but I have felt supported every step of the way.  I have worked in five departments so far, enabling me to gain immense exposure to understand how Teva operates. I have been lucky to work with great teams, all who have been very kind, welcoming and have gone the extra mile to make me feel included and supported. I’m looking forward to my future placements and the experiences that will shape my graduate journey!

Regulatory Affairs Graduate Scheme

This is a 20 month fixed term rotational programme specifically within our Regulatory Affairs function whom ensure that Teva complies with the regulations and laws that apply to the pharmaceutical industry.

The graduate trainees spend their time with the different functions within the Regualtory Department. This ensures that the trainees have a sound and expansive knowledge of the preparation, compilation, review and submission of high quality regulatory documentation to Health Authorities. The trainees work closely with managers and heads of Regulatory functions to gain knowledge of regulatory, scientific, legal and commercial issues to ensure medicines comply with the required regulatory legislation.

Let’s hear from our past and current graduates

Eugene Austin

Download Video: MP4, WebM Ogv

Kristina Mills
The graduate scheme helped me enter into a competitive work environment with the support and training to take this big career step. I was able to focus on a technical career I am proud of, which utilised my training from university. Being part of the graduate scheme allowed me to interact with other departments in Teva from the very beginning and has given me a firm grasp of Teva’s direction and organisational structure. I am now working in UK RA as a Regulatory Affairs Associate. I am constantly learning and can see myself progressing quickly within Teva
Kevin Holmes-Attivor
I am 6 months into the Regulatory Affairs scheme at Teva and have been working with the wonderful Hospitals team since my arrival. I have received an amazing amount of support from every member of my team both in terms of getting to grips with the complexities of the Regulatory Affairs field and its endless stream of acronyms, and in terms of transitioning from University to working in a professional environment. The scheme is challenging and enjoyable, the people knowledgeable, helpful and kind. An overall great experience!