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Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Professionals

Teva has a wide range of generic and specialty medicines, that means we deal with a lot of questions from healthcare professionals.

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How can I get in touch with Teva with questions about a medicine?
  • Our Customer Service team can help with enquiries about the supply and availability of the medicine      and which wholesalers medicines are available from. They can be contacted  on 0800 590 502 .
  • Our Medical Information  Service can also help with medical enquiries about the medicine, for  example its appearance, whether you have questions about what it contains,  its mode of action, or the Patient Information Leaflet and Summary of Product Characteristics. They can be reached on 0207 540 7117  or via email medinfo@tevauk.com.
  • Our Sales team can help Hospitals, Retail Pharmacists or Dispensing Doctors with enquiries about buying our medicines, you can contact them on 0800 085 8621.
  • You can also submit a general enquiry via our website at www.tevauk.com, just click on ‘send us your enquiry’ on the contact us page and fill in the short form.

Why can't I get your Teva medicines in my pharmacy?
Our medicines are readily available through the pharmaceutical wholesalers. Alternatively, if our medicine is out of stock or unavailable for a particular reason, you can check with the pharmaceutical wholesaler or direct with us for information on the availability through our customer services department on tel: 0800 590 502.
How do you decide what colours to use on the packaging?

The Teva medicines packaging uses contrasting coloured circles to help make it easier to differentiate between different medicines, and different strengths of the same medicine. This style of packaging was created following an extensive research project with the contrasting colours used in the packaging selected to avoid similarity among products listed alphabetically – and placed next to each other on a pharmacist’s shelf – or in likely prescription combinations. We also believe that the use of such colours helps to distinguish differing strengths of the same medicine.

For more information regarding our packaging please visit our website Healthcare Professional Support pages>A Guide to Our Packaging.

My patient has suffered an adverse event whilst taking a medication. What should I do?

Ensuring patient safety is extremely important to us and we take the safety of all our medicines very seriously.  If you, or someone in your care has suffered an adverse event from using a medicine including over the counter medicines or medical device, please fill in the Adverse Drug Reaction form at: www.tevauk.com/reporting-side-effects or or e-mail uk.safety@tevauk.com or call Medical Information on 020 7540 7117.

You can also report a suspected side effect from a medicine or medical device using the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme by visiting the online reporting site at: www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard

I require additional PILs for a product as I am splitting the pack, where can I get one?

All of our own PILs are available from our website in the product area. Insert the name of the medicine in the search bar, click “I am a health care professional” when prompted and a list of the matching products will appear, open and print.

Teva UK Limited also distributes some third party products within our portfolio. For further information on these third party products, please contact the relevant Marketing Authorisation (MA) holder.

If you require further assistance you can contact our Medical Information Department on 0207 540 7117 or by email: medinfo@tevauk.com

Why are colourings or dyes used in Teva medicines?
Teva and many other pharmaceutical companies make thousands of different medicines in many different forms. It is a regulatory requirement that we all differentiate them from one another, so that they can be individually identifiable, and one of the ways of doing this is to colour them print or emboss letters and numbers on them or in some cases both.
I have a patient suffering from allergies, how do I find out if your product contains ingredients my patient is allergic to?

All the constituents in our medicines are listed on the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) which for Teva medicines are available at www.tevauk.com

If you are unsure please contact the Teva Medical Information department or the Medical department of the marketing authorisation holder. This will be stated on the packaging or on the PIL accompanying the medicine or in section 6 of the SmPC.

I have a patient who has difficulty swallowing the tablet/capsule. Can I suggest crushing the tablets or opening the capsules and mixing with food or drink?
We would not recommend crushing tablets or opening capsules unless the patient information leaflet/SmPC specifically states that you can. Crushing a tablet or emptying the capsule can change the way in which the medicine works possibly altering the bioavailability of it. If your patient continues to have difficulties, we would suggest that you refer back to the prescriber for an alternative or if you are the prescriber that an alternative formulation is prescribed if there is no data available on crushing the tablet or emptying the capsule.
The expiry date on your product says “Expires September 2016” does this mean the beginning or the end of September 2016?
If your medication states this - then it should not be used after the last day of the month stated, in this case September 2016.
The expiry date on my medication says “Do not use after Sept 2016” what does this mean?
If your medication states this - then it should not be used after the last day of the month stated, in this case 30th September 2016.
The expiry on your product says “Use before/use by Sept 2016” does this mean the beginning or the end of the month?
This means that the medicine should not be used after the last day of the previous month stated; so in this case 31st August 2016. It should not be used after this date.
How can I obtain a placebo inhaler device for my clinic or surgery?

You can request a placebo inhaler device via the Submit a question function on the next tab, by selecting the option of Medical Information Service. Alternatively, you can contact
Medical Information on medinfo@tevauk.com or 0207 540 7117 to provide them with your contact details. They will then pass these contact details over to the Sales Rep in your area who will contact you to arrange delivery of the requested placebo devices.

I have a patient who is partially sighted therefore cannot read your patient information leaflet. Can Teva provide a large print leaflet?
Teva offers a service that provides large print Patient Information Leaflets free of charge to patients. Please call our Medical Information Department on 0207 540 7117 for further information or email: medinfo@tevauk.com
Can medicines from Teva be recycled?

Medicines, whether they are tablets, capsules or liquids for example cannot be recycled. For safe disposal please refer to your local disposal guidelines. Most of our carton and patient information leaflets can be recycled, as they are paper and cardboard. Blister packs are made of plastic and aluminium foil, and have potentially been in contact with toxic or highly potent drugs, so consequently they require special consideration for their disposal.

You can check with your local recycling centre, they will be able to advise you how to dispose of blister packs or any other packaging you are unsure of.

What does (!) Discontinued mean on the listing on the website?

This means the product has been discontinued by Teva, however, there may be another brand of that product available. If you have any questions regarding the availability of our products please contact our Customer Service Department on 0800 590 502.

Some medicines may be discontinued because we are no longer able to source and supply them, however, we try and offer an alternative equivalent product where possible.

We keep the products we have discontinued on our website as they could still be in the supply chain and with some patients who may need information in the Patient Information Leaflet or the Summary of Product Characteristics.

I heard there may be a supply issue with one of your products, how can I get information about this?

Call our Customer Services Centre on 0800 590 502. They will be able to advise if there is an issue and also provide information about the length of time we expect it to be a problem.

What is a Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)?

The Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) is a Regulatory document approved as part of the marketing authorisation of each medicine. The SmPC is the basis of information for healthcare professionals on how to use the medicine. Its information is updated throughout the life-cycle of the product as new data emerges.

Where can I find your Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPCs) documents and Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)?

Where we are the Marketing Authorisation (MA) holder, our SmPCs and PILs are available to download in our medicine list in this website. Contained in this list are products that we distribute on behalf of other MA holders.

Where we are not the MA holder we cannot provide the SmPCs or PILs on our website. The MA holder can be found on the box that the product comes in. Please contact the MA holder who will provide you with a copy of the SmPC or PIL.

If you are still having difficulty or have any questions regarding one of our products please contact us on 0207 540 7117 or via email medinfo@tevauk.com

A patient has asked where their medicine is made, how do I find this out?
The manufacturing information can be found on the patient information leaflet enclosed in the medicine packaging or on the packaging itself. Alternatively you can contact the Medical Information Department who may be able to assist you further on 0207 540 7117 or email: medinfo@tevauk.com
Where can I get more information about the Teva generics buying scheme?
For further details you can visit our website, or you can call 0800 590 502 or request a visit from your local Teva representative here
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Our Customer Service team can help with enquiries about the supply and availability of the medicine, or about getting a prescription fulfilled at a pharmacy.

Our Medical Information Service can help with enquiries about your medicine, for example its appearance, whether you have questions about what it contains, how it works, or the Summary of Product Characteristics.

Our Sales team can help Retail Pharmacists or Dispensing Doctors with enquiries about buying our medicines, or you can call 0800 085 8621.

You can request a meeting with a representative from Teva to understand more about our generic or innovative medicines.

If your question relates to a suspected side effect, please contact Teva’s Safety team on 0207 540 7337 or email uk.safety@tevauk.com, or report it online.

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