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Our key therapy areas

Central Nervous System





New therapeutic entities

We have a programme aimed at identifying and developing new specialty medicines that provide genuine advances on existing therapies by formulating, delivering or using them in a novel way. We call it our New Therapeutic Entity (NTE) Programme.

Through this process we aim to generate new specialty medicines that address an unmet patient need, are based on a known molecule, are formulated, delivered, or used in a novel way

Examples that are currently being considered include abuse-deterrent opioid tablets for the management of pain, and once-a-month injections to treat certain conditions where currently injections are given daily.

Generic medicines

Many of our medicines are a ‘generic’. Generic medicines contain the same active, or key, ingredient as the original medicine brand.

It’s a little bit like buying the premium brand baked beans at the supermarket versus buying the lower cost alternative brand of baked beans from the supermarket themselves. The key ingredient for both is still beans.

We supply more packs of medicine to the NHS each year than anyone else – that's around 13% of total packs of medicine in the UK.5 

Generic medicines save the NHS billions of pounds a year.These savings mean that when difficult decisions about the allocation of funding need to be made within the NHS, generic medicines have done their part in allowing a proportion of the budget to be freed up.

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