Making medicines available

We pack around three billion tablets and capsules a year into around 100 million packs of medicines1 at our solid dose packaging facility in Eastbourne. This site follows industry-recognised Good Manufacturing Practice, meaning the highest standards of quality and safety are applied throughout the packaging process.

From the tablets/capsules arriving in bulk containers to the final medicine boxes being stored on the pallet ready for shipping, our packaging experts oversee every stage. This includes creating the artwork for the outer box, the design and the packaging components.

After they’re packed at our Eastbourne site, our medicine packs arrive at our distribution centre in Castleford, West Yorkshire. Other medicines, such as our branded lines, are delivered directly to our distribution centre.

Distributing our medicine

Our distribution centre is full of every kind of automated technology you’d expect from an organisation the size of Teva. Its modern systems make sure our medicine packs, boxes and pallets arrive safely with the pharmaceutical wholesaler and ultimately get to patients via pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing practices.

With 25,000 storage spaces, covering the equivalent of three football pitches, it’s an impressive sight. It was built to the highest pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, and Good Distribution Practice, and it shows our commitment to making medicines available to patients around the UK.

Wholesalers and pharmacies

Every working day we supply our wholesale partners with the products they have ordered from us. Wholesalers act as the link between manufacturers and doctors, pharmacists and hospitals, taking delivery of medicines; storing them safely and securely until they are needed by customers; then delivering them, as required, quickly and efficiently to wherever they are needed by patients.

You may collect your prescription in a pharmacy or dispensing practice, or you may have been given your medication whilst you were in hospital.



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