Our contribution to UK healthcare

As one of the largest suppliers of medicines to the NHS, we’re proud to improve the health of millions of patients across the UK

Delivering savings to the NHS through our generic medicines

It’s estimated that our generic medicines save the NHS around £2.7 billion every year. 01 These savings can be reinvested back into the NHS for the benefit of patients up and down the country.

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5 healthcare professionals in a group, above 114000 nurses

£2.7 billion – that’s equivalent to an extra 114,000 nurses taking care of patients


Teva 98000 first Year junior Dr

Or, with £2.7 billion the NHS could employ another 98,000 1st year junior doctors


Teva 47000 GPs

Or, an additional 47,000 GPs could be employed by the NHS with the £2.7 billion saved through prescribing and dispensing Teva’s generic medicines.

Collaborating with the NHS to improve patient care

Teva works with NHS organisations at national, regional and local level, focussing on improving patient outcomes by implementing developments in healthcare delivery.

We pride ourselves on taking our relationship with the NHS beyond the transactional into a more consultative and problem-solving partnership to help deliver better care in areas of mutual interest.



Joint working projects are a specific type of partnership between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry, which aim to improve the efficiency and delivery of patient care at a local level.

Teva’s joint working projects put patient care right at their centre and pooled skills, experience and / or resources from the NHS and industry to jointly develop and implement the initiative. Joint working really illustrates the way that Teva is able to be flexible and look at the needs of a particular patient population.

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We have undertaken a number of joint working initiatives with the NHS, along with a number of partnership working projects with NHS partners across the country. They focus on working with the NHS in a transparent and open manner, supporting and implementing developments in healthcare delivery for the benefit of patients, primarily in respiratory care.

If you would like to learn more about our partnerships, please contact us.

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Driving innovation in the life sciences industry

Research and innovation in healthcare brings with it a huge range of benefits – for patients, their families and carers, and the UK economy. We want to help the UK become a world leader in life sciences, ensuring that patients can benefit from cutting-edge treatments in as timely a manner as possible.

We’re always looking for new ways we can innovate and improve the lives of the patients and communities we serve, such as how we stepped up when asked by the NHS if we could help with country’s COVID-19 response: 

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Teva Runcorn employs around 500 people, working in a variety of highly skilled roles, ranging from quality assurance, manufacturing operations, research and development, engineering, microbiology and packaging.

The site develops a range of sterile liquid products mainly for use in the treatment of respiratory conditions, and also for conditions such as migraine or multiple sclerosis, for markets all around the world.

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When asked by the NHS if we could help with COVID testing, we assembled a project team and rapidly worked to repurpose sodium chloride saline solution - originally used in an inhaler device - to help with mass testing. Speed and flexibility were key when a small team from Teva’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn worked through the night to find a solution.

They came up with a way of safely and effectively repurposing this medicine in a way that quickly enabled it to be used as part of the testing process.

Advocating on behalf of patients

We take our responsibility to patients incredibly seriously.  We know that behind each patient there’s a story, a health issue impacting their life, and potentially their families’ life. Our Life Effects platform gives a voice to the millions of patients across the country living their lives with a chronic health condition, and we’re proud to use our voice to advocate on behalf of patients.

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Developed in collaboration with patients, Life Effects™ offers information, insight and inspiration for people living with one or more chronic conditions. It looks at how health and illness affect the lives of patients and those around them in a profound way that goes much further than the biology of illness and treatment.


Navigating the challenges and joys of caregiving

We also recognise the vital role of caregivers. Caregivers go to amazing lengths, embracing the challenges and demands of their changing role to bring care and joyous moments to a loved one as their health changes.

Within Life Effects™ we include advice on how to support a loved one with their ongoing health challenges, we also feature personal stories from caregivers that others may find reassuring and supportive.


With such a broad spectrum of therapy areas covered by our medicines range, we also have links with a number of charities and patient organisations. We understand the values and role these important organisations play in supporting not only patients, but also their relatives and carers.

Helping the UK build a thriving life sciences industry

We work hard to help ensure the best possible conditions for a buoyant UK life sciences industry

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A thriving life sciences industry in the UK means continued evolution and improvements in medicines, therapies and patient care.

We work with government to help them understand the work we do, the challenges we face and how the right policies and legislation can all work to improve the experiences patients have of their health and care here in the UK.


We’re also proud to support the Northern Powerhouse – with our state of the art distribution centre located in Castleford, alongside our cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing facilities in Runcorn, Cheshire. We’re passionate about delivering highly skilled roles and job opportunities to communities in the North.  

Read more about our economic impact in the UK in Teva's Economic Impact Report, you can find the UK information on page 68.

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Investing in the future of medicines

We’re actively researching new uses for existing medicines – either by changing formulation, delivery or use to address a specific unmet patient need.



Getting a new medicine into the hands of patients can take a while. It’s a complex and expensive process.  At Teva we’re looking at new innovations such as ‘value-added medicines’, speciality generics and fixed dose combination products to meet the ever-evolving healthcare needs of the UK.

Take a deeper look at the development timeline for a medicine. On average, only one of every 10,000 promising substances will successfully pass testing in the R&D phase to be eventually approved as a marketable product. That means each molecule has a 0.1% chance of success! 02

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We’re also investing in biopharmaceuticals as part of our long term strategy for the future, and to help patients both in the UK and around the world. We’re focusing on treatments for the central nervous system, respiratory conditions, and in the field of oncology.


Biopharmaceuticals (also known as biologics) are complex medicines made from living cells or organisms. They advance more treatment options for patients, some of whom suffer from untreated or undertreated conditions. They have the potential to deliver precise and personalised treatment.

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