Adrien Lamo

Hi, I'm Adrien Lamo, Process Engineer in New Product Development (NPD) from Teva Runcorn

“Teva places a lot of trust and faith in its employees.”

I’ve been at Teva’s site in Runcorn for a while now, although I worked at Teva in Haarlem in the Netherlands for a year and a half after graduating in Chemical Engineering in my home country of France. (Haarlem has Research and Development, Manufacturing and Sales and Marketing activities).

I’m a Process Engineer in New Product Development (NPD) which means I’m involved in developing new processes for the manufacture of our new medicines. That covers designing the process, equipment and facilities needed to take a product from initial laboratory formulations to the end-of-line full-scale production.

My days can see me in a wide range of activities, from working in the laboratories on scaling up formulations to designing new facilities and talking to suppliers about buying equipment.

It’s exciting for me as this is a new role here at Teva Runcorn which is bridging a gap between our technical support team and the NPD labs, so I’m treading a new path.

Something that has really impressed me is how willing Teva has been to give me the chance to push myself and take part in important projects – the company places a lot of trust and faith in its employees.

I’m now working on a major project to design a new laboratory, which as a young engineer is a fantastic opportunity for me. And, although I’m in a unique role here, I feel very supported. I have a mentor who I have close contact with, and access to lots of training, not just on Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) topics but things like help with writing reports for instance. It’s obvious the company really cares about developing its employees.

I’d say working here is like being part of a big international team – I’ve found it easy to build and maintain a network of contacts who are helping me in my role and everyone is really friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help – it really is a case of ‘getting it done together’, which is one of our values. And the language/culture barrier hasn’t been a problem – everyone’s been very welcoming and I’m quickly getting to understand the local accent and sense of humour!

I feel happy knowing that I’m playing a part in getting out products that will help improve affordability and choice for patients in the future. What’s also important to me is the feeling that I can help out local communities too and the opportunities Teva gives me to do that.

When I was at University in France I mentored young people who wanted to get into engineering and Teva has given me the chance to carry on with that goal here, attending careers fairs on their behalf. The future at Runcorn is bright and there are a lot of exciting developments underway.

What would I say to a young engineering graduate like myself applying for a job at Teva Runcorn? Go for it! You’ll be joining a great team and get all the support you need plus opportunities to take your career in new directions you might not have thought possible.

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Date of preparation: August 2022
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