Rebecca Paddy

Hi, I'm Rebecca Paddy, Senior Director, Business Innovation from Teva UK

“Teva is a big believer in investing in its employees”

I’ve been at Teva for 20 years and what I love about working here is that every day is a school day! I'm always learning new things and I love that.

For me, job satisfaction comes from continuing to learn. Teva is very open to trying new things and there’s fantastic support for professional development and career progression.

I originally joined Teva for two weeks as a temp in telesales for a new product launch. I’d just returned from working abroad and I was taking a few months’ break before going back; I was planning to work on a cruise ship. But I enjoyed my experience at Teva so much that when I was offered a permanent job, I jumped at the chance. And that two weeks has turned into 19 years!

After working in telesales, I was promoted to team leader and progressed to a number of roles, including in customer sales. When I realised I wanted to look for a new challenge outside of telesales, I spoke to my manager, and the company supported me to create a new role in commercial initiatives.

This is where I think Teva is great; not many companies would offer such a brilliant opportunity.

I then worked in marketing and product pricing and portfolio, gaining extra skills, before taking my current role. Teva is a big believer in investing in its staff, whether it’s providing mentors or the encouragement to take external professional courses. People like working here, and I think the longevity of many colleagues is testament to that.

As Senior Director, Business Innovation, I’m responsible for the future pipeline of product and services for Teva in the UK, which is all about finding ways to drive growth. I also get involved with business development, including sourcing business development opportunities, and other commercial initiatives.

Working at Teva is fun, exciting, dynamic and fast paced. There’s a real willingness to showcase creativity here and an appetite for people to challenge themselves. This makes it a great environment in which to grow and learn. Plus the people are fantastic here; everyone’s very friendly and caring.

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Date of preparation: August 2021
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