Shivali Mistry

Hi, I'm Shivali Mistry, Commercial Management Trainee from Teva UK

“Teva is always pushing to improve and want everyone to get the most from everything they do”

If I was to describe working at Teva in three words, I’d say: stimulating – it’s never mundane; eventful – things are changing all the time in the pharma industry; and comfortable – it has a real family feel. There’s no hierarchy; you can talk to anyone.

One of the big things that attracted me to Teva was the company’s values, I felt they really aligned with mine. Unlike lots of graduate programmes, Teva’s graduate scheme is very flexible. It’s an 18-month rotational programme, spending three six-month secondments in the commercial elements of different business units.

During the recruitment process, it became apparent I’d be able to shape the programme to my needs. Lots of managers were also in attendance and they all spoke about their roles and why they work for Teva. It was quite evident that people had been here a long time and there was a good reason for that. It made me feel really comfortable.

Before the scheme started, I had a month-long induction, which was very well structured and included weekly 1-2-1 meetings with HR. Even then, I was asked if there was anything I wanted to include in the programme. I suggested a couple of things and the response was ‘let’s see if we can do that’ – everything was very positive and encouraging. At the end of my induction, I was asked for feedback. That’s the thing about Teva – they’re always pushing to improve and want everyone to get the most from everything they do.

As part of the programme, I can ask for a mentor, and even this is done very thoroughly. You’re not just assigned someone straightaway; HR take their time to get to know you so they can be certain you’re matched with the right person.

Having been on the scheme for a few months, I feel very trusted. There has been no restrictions in terms of taking part in meetings with senior managers and I’ve been allowed to own my projects and see them through from start to finish. Instead of being micromanaged, I get lots of freedom to do as I see fit, and that’s great.

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