Sylvia Oba

Hi, I'm Sylvia Oba, Senior Manager, Compliance for UK, Ireland & Malta, from Teva UK

“Teva is always pushing to improve and wants everyone to get the most from everything they do”

I joined the compliance function in Teva almost three years ago. My background has not always been in compliance as I was keen to pursue a career in academia and went as far as starting a doctorate in human rights. I discovered that academia wasn’t for me even though I was still interested in human rights to make a difference locally or internationally.

I’d like to think that I’m still making a difference despite not working in the human rights field. I’m the Senior Manager, Compliance for the UK, Ireland and Malta, Local Compliance Officer (LCO) for Ireland and Malta. My role at Teva is about ‘doing the right thing’ which loosely translates to helping the business to act fairly in its engagement with its customers and vendors by ensuring that it complies with relevant laws, policies and regulations. This means working closely with colleagues from various departments to ensure that they understand their role within this context and the companies that they engage with share our values.

We focus on compliance with the pharmaceutical industry codes, data protection regulations, anti-corruption and anti-bribery law among others. We accomplish this via multiple channels such as compliance training, maintaining an approval and control system, completing third party due diligence, doing risk assessments and monitoring, holding compliance committees with department leads etc.

Compliance is great as it provides us with the license to operate. My job is brilliant as I am part of a team that enables this. I love it!

It’s not many places that one can call ‘home’. I found my home in compliance and another home in Teva. I just knew that ‘I’ll fit in here’. And I was right. Teva is a great place to work. Everyone’s very helpful and supportive, including the Leadership Team. It’s a very open environment.

Teva really looks after its employees. I lost a close family member through very difficult circumstances in Kenya where I come from. I was supported immensely through the process by my managers including our General Manager. I was able to travel and be with my family without having the burden of worrying about work. I’d like to emphasise that the support was phenomenal and not so many companies go out of their way to be this helpful.

In addition, the flexibility we are afforded at Teva is wonderful and goes a long way in achieving the work/home balance that is a luxury to many workers. I’m able to comfortably fit my school run within my work day. Teva treats its employees like adults; we’re not micromanaged. This enabling culture goes a long way in building trust and loyalty.

If I was to pick one of our Teva values that most speaks to me, I’d go for caring. Teva cares. This is important because we spend a lot of time at work. We are a family at Teva.

Diversity is about embracing all people irrespective of their background. Inclusion is facilitating an environment that supports diversity. Companies that create an inclusive environment usually attract people from a variety of backgrounds, so the company benefits from a mix of experience, views and ideas. It also usually results in a higher staff retention rate.

Teva UK recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion; and has champions to help the company support a diverse workplace to leverage its effects. I am a diversity and inclusion champion and proud of it!

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Date of preparation: August 2021
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00033