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Migraine: much more than a headache

Migraine is a complex yet common problem in the UK with over 6 million people said to suffer. It is estimated that migraine costs the NHS over £150m per year (mostly down to GP visits and prescription drug costs).

This session will look further into this debilitating condition considering the the impact on a patient’s daily life, their social interactions and impact on work and productivity. We will also look at the barriers to a full diagnosis and successful treatment for this condition and the role technology can play in the management of migraine.

Panel discussion & Q&A

Panellist include:

  • Siobhan Jones, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Migraine, Salford NHS Trust
  • Hannah Verghese, Head of Policy and Influencing – Migraine Trust
  • Dalbir Dhiraj, Medical Scientific Liaison, Teva
  • Catherine Sullivan, Manager Key Accounts, Teva

5th Sep
Migraine: much more than a headache 11:15 PUU Theatre 4