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Beyond migraine

Migraine affects around 6 million people across the UK.1 At Teva, we understand the huge impact migraine can have on the lives of you and your loved ones.

Beyond migraine: the real you

Welcome to our page dedicated to those of you living and coping with migraine on a daily basis.
We know that living with migraine is a challenge. In fact, it can be isolating and downright frustrating.

That’s why we put together content to help you through it, inspired by the European Migraine &
Headache Alliance’s campaign #Lighttomigraine that we were proud to be involved in.

Patient stories on migraine

The only people who understand a chronic illness are those who face it, that's why we created Life Effects, an initiative shaped by patients, for patients. Below you will find insights, stories, tips and advice from patients who have experience with migraine.