Helping millions of patients manage their health

We provide hundreds of generic medicines which are supplied to the country’s thousands of pharmacies and dispensaries. We also have a presence in the GP surgery and hospitals with medicines to treat multiple sclerosis, cancer, pain, Parkinson’s disease and respiratory disorders like asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cystic Fibrosis.

We’ve been around for almost 80 years and we're one of the largest supplier of medicines to the National Health Service.

Whether they’re used in hospitals or by GPs, nurses, or independent pharmacists, our medicines are backed by comprehensive advice and information.

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We’re aligned with the NHS’s objectives

We’re committed to working in partnership with the NHS and the Department of Health to help improve patient outcomes and also offer value for money. We focus on supporting the NHS in managing long-term conditions, addressing cost-efficient prescribing and developing joined-up care through our Joint Working projects in our key therapy areas.
By recognising aligned goals and objectives in areas of mutual interest, we can work jointly to improve patient outcomes and enhance patient experience. That might be through medicines optimisation, quality improvement, pathway redesign or improvement, innovation or identifying cost efficiencies. 

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Generic medicines save the NHS billions every year

We speak to Government, politicians and civil servants to help them to better understand the role that Teva's "New Pharma" approach plays in the country's healthcare. This includes how improved uptake of generic medicines could free up some of the NHS budget to be spent on access to newer, innovative treatments for patients, together with research and development. 

Generic medicines save the NHS more than £13 billion in just England and Wales.1 Without Teva and all the other generics companies, the drugs bill would be approximately twice its current level.2

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Working with community pharmacy

We work in partnership with pharmacy to offer them the tools to support the way they care for their patients through our Pharmacy Support programme. We make resources available that will support pharmacy to create a sustainable way of adding value for the health service and for the benefit of patients. 

We believe the changes in the NHS give community pharmacy a great opportunity to shape its own destiny and establish itself as a key service provider in the evolving NHS: helping patients take their medicines properly, and helping address public health issues. We believe pharmacy should be involved with what’s happening locally to ensure they protect and develop patient services as well as firmly establish their own patient service provider roles within the NHS.

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Providing valuable support to healthcare professionals

We’re the kind of people that make things happen, and our teams work across the NHS and beyond. From retail pharmacists, through to dispensing doctors, GPs, specialist consultants, purchasing professionals, hospital pharmacists, NHS decision making bodies and pharmaceutical wholesalers, our teams provide the kind of quality support and service our customers expect and patients need. 

We’re here to help and that’s why we’ve created an area dedicated to your most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need there, or in the Summary of Product Characteristics for our medicines you can contact us by this website, by phone or by email. 

Our research into new medicines and new treatments

We actively invest in the research and development of medicines to fulfil unmet medical needs. In specialty medicines we focus on disorders of the central nervous system and pain relief, along with respiratory conditions like asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. We invest heavily in investigating potential new treatments for unmed needs with an empahsis on the safety for patients of those potential treatments.

We are always looking to bring new generic medicines to market. As a leader in generics, our strategy is to maintain our extensive portfolio of generic medicines. We have a robust pipeline and will continue to launch new patent-expired therapies when we can.

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