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A guide to our packaging

We designed the style of our medicines packaging with patient safety in mind and to act as an aid to dispensing.

A guide to our packagingThe coloured circles, clear dark font and white uncluttered box are all intended to help reduce confusion over different medicines and different strengths of the same medicine – both for the patients taking the treatments, but also the pharmacists who dispense the medicines.

In each pack of medicine there is a patient information leaflet which clearly sets out the details patients need to know about their medicines. These are also available to download in our medicines list.

If you have comments or feedback about our packaging, do contact us.

Benefits for dispensers

Our Teva 360 packaging brings benefits for both the dispensing pharmacist and the patient. Our aim for the pharmacy was to help reduce errors in dispensing:

  • Intelligent use of colour makes it easier to differentiate products on the shelf quickly
  • Colours chosen so that multiple products in multi-drug therapies are clearly differentiated - clear distinction for patients
  • Clear, modern typeface in black on white, makes it easy to read
  • Logical consistent layout of instruction information using dispensary label area - which reduces the potential for patient confusion
  • Consistent clear area for product barcoding, which facilitates quicker customer service 

Benefits for patients


Our aim for patients was to make our Teva 360 packaging clear and distinguishable:

  • The clear typeface in black-on-white is easy to read, especially for older and less well sighted patients
  • There is a clear information panel next to the dispensary label information
  • The contrasting colour system makes it easier to indentify prescriptions from each other, without ambiguity
  • The set of colours is specifically chosen so that multiple prescriptions for same therapy areas are clearly distinguished - we try to ensure products that are commonly prescribed together, are not in similar colours
  • Colour blind patients can also distinguish between the contrasting colour schemes 

Injectable Medicines Packaging

Injectable Medicines Packaging

Our range of injectable medicines which are typically used in a secondary care environment are packaged in a specific style for the hospital environment. They follow the same principles of using dark letters on a white background for clarity, and contrasting colours to help distinguish product and strength.

Teva Ref: HC602