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Joint Working with NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

Executive Summary of the Joint Working Agreement between Teva UK Limited and NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

The project is part of the NHS Test Bed Programme, where Teva UK Limited is an approved innovator partner to the NHS Sheffield Test Bed, a project aiming to create the ‘Perfect Patient PAthway' (PEPPA).

The NHS Sheffield Test Bed is an opportunity to evaluate digital healthcare solutions in a real world environment for people with one or more long term conditions, to support whole patient care and support self-management.

The Test Bed initiative recognises that technology is challenging accepted ways of working in healthcare, with devices and apps opening up the potential to place more control in the hands of patients and make health outcomes more transparent for clinicians. In the face of ageing populations and rising healthcare costs, digital technology could enhance the patient and care provider experience while reducing the financial burden of care. The partnership between Teva and the NHS in the Sheffield City region provides a powerful example of the kind of collaboration between industry and healthcare providers which will be increasingly vital within this emerging digital health landscape.

In Sheffield, there are approximately 40,000 people – between seven and eight percent of the population – with three or more long-term conditions. The Test Bed will use digital technology, combined with behavioural science and remote patient support, to help patients with multiple long-term conditions manage their health successfully. Teva’s contribution to the Sheffield Test Bed will focus on initially on asthma, employing digital innovation to help asthma patients manage the chronic condition more effectively.

Project Period: Both parties have committed resources to the project and the project will run for twelve months.

The aims & objectives of the collaboration are to;

  • Undertake a service evaluation of the CareTRx™ Programme to assess the engagement and acceptability of all elements of the CareTRx™ Programme by both healthcare professionals and patients;
  • to support the development of the Sheffield Test Bed Programme by determining the most effective patient pathway for patients with multiple long term conditions (in this case asthma), through the use and implementation of digital and health innovations;
  • to measure the extent to which technology can support people who suffer with long term health conditions to live a healthy and independent life;
  • to evaluate the replicability of the project to support future scale up and spread outside of the scope of the project;
  • to evaluate the impact of combinatorial technology associated with the programme on the identified population group for testing;
  • to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people suffering with long term health conditions.

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