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Joint Working with Ashford Clinical Commissioning Group

Executive Summary of Joint Working between Ashford Clincal Commissioning Group and Teva UK Limited.

The project is being undertaken to ultimately deliver a collaborative pharmacy and surgery inhaler project, which includes inhaler technique training, medicine use review (MUR) training and other support services.

Title of project: Ashford collaborative pharmacy and surgery inhaler project

Project period: the project will run for seven months but can be extended by agreement of all parties.

Project is designed to:

  • Improve the education and experience of asthma patients
  • Train surgery healthcare professionals and community pharmacists on inhaler technique to a consistently high standard
  • Improve the volume, quality and delivery of asthma medicine use reviews (MURs) and asthma reviews by pharmacists and surgeries involved, respectively
  • Improve liaison between practices and the pharmaceutical industry

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