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Joint Working with Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group

Executive Summary of the Joint Working Agreement between Teva UK Limited and Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group: The Bristol Somali Asthma Outreach Project

The project is being undertaken to improve asthma education and to achieve better asthma control for people in the Somali community living in Bristol. The project is taking a novel approach offering tailored support directly to the target community.

Project Period: Both parties have committed resources to the project and the project will run for six months but can be extended by agreement of all parties.

The project is designed to:-

  • Increase the level of education around asthma within the community.
  • Increase engagement with primary care health services through education days delivered by Somali speaking healthcare professionals and by running asthma clinics with professional translators in attendance.
  • Reduce emergency asthma admissions from within the Somali community in Bristol.

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