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Joint Working Testimonials

We are proud of the successful joint working initiatives we have already undertaken with the NHS

These testimonials from our NHS partners demonstrate our ability to work in collaboration with the NHS and bring flexibility and expertise to secure a mutually beneficial outcome.

Sharing early outcomes from the joint working project "Reducing asthma hospital admissions across NHS Bristol" and personal thoughts and reflections on the project:

Long Term Conditions Liaison Manager for NHS Bristol

We have been working jointly with Teva to improve asthma management in Bristol for nearly two years. Their organisational and networking skills have enabled us to achieve our strategic objectives much sooner than if we had worked alone.

As a result of our joint working, we have increased both patient and clinician knowledge in asthma management and have observed an ongoing reduction in our asthma hospital admissions.

Head of Medicines Management for NHS Bristol

Close working between NHS Bristol, NSHI and Teva UK has given us good results, kept up the momentum of the project, and allowed flexibility in our plans to sort out any problems and maximise benefits where unexpected gains occur.

In Bristol, asthma hospital admissions have reduced by 20%, use of asthma treatment plans are increasing and use of high dose inhaled corticosteroids in asthma is falling. Teva UK have been professional and supportive, and together with NSHI we have formed an effective working partnership which has delivered great results.