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Joint Working with Wirral Health Commissioning Consortia

Executive Summary of Joint Working between Wirral Health Commissioning Consortia (WHCC) and Teva UK Limited

The project is being undertaken to ultimately improve the clinical management of asthma and therefore the outcomes for patients with asthma over the age of twelve within participating practices of the WHCC consortia

Project Period: Both parties have committed resources to this project and the project will run for six months but can be extended by agreement of all parties.

The project is designed to:

  • Reduce and prevent unplanned hospital admissions attributed to asthma
  • Reduction in medicine waste through improved compliance and optimising treatment
  • Reduce variations in health outcomes for patients with asthma
  • Increase patient knowledge and confidence in managing their asthma
  • Implement a back to basics educational programme for healthcare professionals to improve knowledge and practical skills in productive asthma management
  • Optimise symptom control and quality of life for asthma patients
  • Develop a high quality, patient focussed approach to asthma management

For more information please contact:

  • Sue Smith, Lead Nurse for Quality and Patient Safety, Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group
    Tel: 0151 651 0011 Email: ssmith53@nhs.net
  • Kate Smith, Director, NHS Strategy, Teva UK Limited
    Tel: 07767 298851 Email: kate.smith@tevauk.com