About Life Effects: Personal Stories, Insights, and Tips about Living with Chronic Illness

Living with a long-term condition affects your life in many ways. Whether you’ve been diagnosed or a loved one, the impact of chronic illness can be far-reaching and seemingly never-ending.

Sometimes, it helps to hear from those who live with the same condition, who’ve been in the same position you may be in now. Life Effects contributors strive to make every day count, despite chronic illness and the burden it may put on them. They hope their content helps you do the same, so we can be all in for better health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Life Effects?

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Life Effects by Teva is a content-based patient support programme. We feature real-life patients and caregivers who share their personal stories about living with one or more chronic conditions.

The Life Effects community is dedicated to raising awareness about patients' struggles and triumphs. Our contributors hope to inspire others to seek the care they need, advocate for themselves, and improve their daily lives step-by-step.

What will I find on Life Effects?

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Life Effects has a range of articles, videos, and podcast series, created by patients and made for patients. Whatever the format, contributors share valuable insights, accounts, and tips to help others with similar diagnoses.

All content is 100% non-promotional and does not mention treatment. Teva's medical experts have also reviewed it for accuracy, so there's no need to worry about misleading information.

How can Life Effects benefit me?

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Life Effects features patient stories, "How To" articles and top tips in 10 condition areas. These include migraine, asthma, mental health, and a dedicated section for caregivers.

It can help you:

  • Gain insight into how a condition may impact day-to-day life
  • Discover the experiences of people who've lived with the same or a similar diagnosis for years
  • Find ways to cope with the emotional side of chronic illness
  • Build a strong, accepting relationship with yourself
  • Learn how to talk about a condition with loved ones

Does Life Effects offer medical advice?

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No. Life Effects is not designed to diagnose a condition or suggest any medical treatment.

Many of our articles offer tips on managing daily symptoms of chronic illness. That could be reaching out to family and friends, finding new hobbies, or managing ways to track and avoid triggers.

Life Effects is a safe place where patients can come together to share experiences, feel supported, and find resources to help navigate their healthcare journeys.

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