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Patients who use our medicines rely on an unrestricted supply of high quality, innovative treatments to meet their medical needs.

To create our medicines, we depend on a secure and accountable supply chain network of trusted partner companies. We make every effort to meet our obligations to patients by maintaining a fail-safe network of suppliers. We also emphasise reliability and responsibility in our manufacturing processes.

We require all of our suppliers, and all of the other Teva sites around the world that we work in partnership with, to adhere to the stringent standards outlined in the pharmaceutical industry’s current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices – also known as cGMP and GDP.

This is in addition to compliance with other requirements from the relevant regulatory authorities around the world. These standards help to ensure medicines are produced to the highest quality standards, and that the health of our patients is safeguarded.

Audits and inspections

Audits and inspections are an important part of our Health and Safety Management System in that they are part of the review process.  Our Audits and inspections help identify health and safety issues and give us the opportunity to correct them before they result in accidents. 

They provide the opportunity to constructively engage with a range of employees on health and safety matters and help us to build a good health and safety culture. Through these audits we demonstate the commitment to good standards of health and safety that our industry demands.

Responsible sales and marketing