We recognise that the situation with COVID-19 is worrying for many, particularly for patients with pre-existing conditions who require access to their medicines.

We want to reassure our patients and customers that our key priority during this challenging time is to continue to provide medicines for the many patients that depend on us. Our research, manufacturing and distribution facilities are continuing to operate to meet the demand for essential medicines. We’re also working with our colleagues across Teva globally to do all that we can to ensure our supply chain can continue uninterrupted and to deal with any issues as swiftly as possible if they arise.

We’re also in regular discussions with government departments, both directly and through industry bodies, to provide a strong voice encouraging them to do all that they can to keep medicines moving for patients throughout this crisis.

We’ll continue to do our part, but we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals across the UK who are working non-stop to deal with this challenging situation. We are deeply grateful for the vital work you do day in day out.


Date of Preparation: April 2020