Biopharmaceuticals at Teva

Discover why Teva is investing in biopharmaceuticals and their potential to help patients around the world.

Teva is investing in biopharmaceuticals as part of our long term strategy for the future, and to help patients around the world. We are focusing on treatments for the central nervous system, respiratory conditions, and in the field of oncology.

What are biopharmaceuticals and biologics?

Biopharmaceuticals (also known as biologics) are complex medicines made from living cells or organisms. They advance more treatment options for patients, some of whom suffer from untreated or undertreated conditions. They have the potential to deliver precise and personalized treatment. Together with creating original biologic medicines, Teva is investing in biosimilars. These are highly similar versions of reference biological treatments.

Go behind the scenes in our laboratory in Netanya, Israel to find out more about biologics and biosimilars from Teva's Vice President of Biologics, Nir Shapir: 

Biopharmaceuticals are complex medicines made from living cells and are often produced using cutting-edge biotechnological methods. As Teva’s Vice President of Biologics, its Nir Shapir’s job to oversee this complicated process and ensure it works like a finely tuned orchestra. Go behind the scenes in our laboratory in Netanya, Israel to find out more.

A focus on biosimilars is a natural progression for Teva following our role in the development of the generic medicine industry over the past 40 years. They combine our strength in generics with our knowledge of complex medicine. Biosimilars offer value-based treatment that is potentially less expensive than the originator biologic but similarly effective. 

Teva's pipeline

Teva has 5 biopharmaceuticals on the market today. In addition, we have approximately 20 original biologic and biosimilar programs in various phases of development, from discovery through to clinical and regulatory stages. 

Many of these treatments will be produced in our new $500 million state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical plant in Ulm, Germany. The benefit that biopharmaceuticals will bring to patients is what inspires us as we invest in this exciting future. This new direction is integral to bringing more treatment options to patients, and supporting our mission to improve lives.

Get the inside look at our biopharmaceutical plant in Ulm here:

Go Behind the Scenes at Teva’s state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical facility in Ulm, Germany. Discover more about biosimilars and meet the experts who are advancing more treatment options for patients.

Biopharmaceutical innovation will not take place overnight but we are committed to seeing the impact and results of our investment over the next decade.


Original Teva Ref: UK/CPE/18/0019(1)i
Date of preparation: January 2020

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Date of preparation: August 2021
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