Improving lives with Sudocrem®

We’re proud to say that we’re helping to improve the lives of parents and children with our innovative Sudocrem® awards and campaigns. One issue we’ve been campaigning on is the lack of disabled children’s changing facilities in the UK.

Did you know that there are more toilets in Wembley Stadium than there are changing facilities for disabled children in the whole of the UK?

Sudocrem®, the well-known consumer brand from Teva’s Over-The-Counter portfolio, decided to get involved and campaign for change by highlighting this issue. This included creating a new category for our successful Changing Room Awards, which recognise the best baby changing rooms in the UK.

Partnering with the charity PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society), we created a unique disabled children’s changing room award, the ‘Changing Places Toilet’ award.

This summer, ‘The Usual Place’ café in Dumfries, Scotland, was named the winner of this award. Paralympian Shelby Watson presented the cafe with a gold medal plus a branded Sudocrem plaque for their changing room door.

What’s more, MP Paula Sherriff has subsequently gone on to introduce a 10-minute rule bill supporting Changing Places at the House of Commons. The bill asked for Changing Places Toilets to be made mandatory in all large new buildings.

“We’re fully behind this bill and the Changing Places Campaign”, said Nick Lang, UK Head of Marketing Teva OTC. “Sudocrem® are proud to be at the forefront of activity to improve facilities for disabled children. Our award scheme recognizes the people and places leading the way, but more needs to happen and that’s why this bill is so important”.

Date of preparation: August 2021
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00038

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