Teva announces partnership with Boots Health Hub to offer support for patients with chronic conditions

We’re proud to announce that our award-winning patient platform ‘Life Effects’ will now be available to Boots customers via the Boots Health Hub.

Developed in collaboration with patients, Teva’s Life Effects platform consists of articles, videos and podcasts that offer information, insight and inspiration for people living with one or more chronic conditions. It focuses on the impact a chronic condition has on a patient’s day-to-day life. Around 50 patient contributors share regular updates on how their lives are impacted by living with a chronic condition.

Ranging from the inspirational to the emotional and everything in between, Life Effects has gone from strength to strength, with 950,000 accessing the site since its launch in 2018. Therapy areas covered by the website include migraine, cancer, asthma, COPD, anxiety, depression, Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis, as well as a dedicated section supporting caregivers of people with chronic conditions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Effects has also become a vital source of guidance and support for patients in the UK, allowing them to connect with people in similar situations as they navigated the ‘new normal’. With many chronic patients and caregivers struggling to access healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Effects collated insights from patients who share their often moving and highly personal stories of how they navigated the healthcare system during the lockdown.

Our partnership with Boots will ensure that even more people can benefit from the support, guidance and inspiration offered by Life Effects and is a great example of the work we’re doing to improve the lives of patients up a down and down the UK.

“I’m incredibly proud of Life Effects – it’s a unique platform that is written by patients for patients,” said Kim Innes, General Manager of Teva UK & Ireland. “Our partnership with Boots will allow us to amplify their voice even further and to continue to shine a light on the challenges that millions of patients with chronic conditions and their caregivers face every day.”

Tom McKay, Head of Boots Health Hub and Online Doctor, said about the partnership, “I’m delighted to welcome Teva onto the Boots Health Hub; the information and support to people living with chronic conditions available through ‘Life Effects’ are really amazing. This partnership is another step towards our ambition of supporting customers with whatever their healthcare need. Boots supported by our Health Hub partners are uniquely positioned to help the nation get better and stay well.”

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Barbara Stersland

Patient Contributor - Sarah Alexander

Date of preparation: August 2021
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00080

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