Teva: Overall sponsor of the Expo and partner with NHS England for the HealthTech Zone

NHS Health & Care Innovation Expo 2018

Inspiring patient-centred innovation and transformation across England’s health and social care services

NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018

The NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo is a unique celebration of innovation, enterprise and collaboration, uniting NHS and social care leaders, commissioners, clinicians, voluntary sector partners, innovators, industry leaders and many more.

Expo 2018, at Manchester Central on 5-6 September, celebrated the NHS' 70th anniversary with many of the inspirational people who played a key role in the celebrations – from retired staff who worked in the NHS on the day it launched to patients who told their amazing stories of how the NHS saved or changed their lives.

As overall sponsors of this year’s Expo, Teva was proud to collaborate with NHS England and partners to deliver another successful Expo.

HealthTech Zone in 2018

Teva and NHS England partner to bring you the HealthTech Zone

Digital technologies and developments are having a deep and profound impact on healthcare. The possibilities are wide ranging and we believe it’s incumbent on the pharma industry to work in partnership with the NHS to ensure the potential is realised to improve patient outcomes. That’s why in 2018 we were proud to be HealthTech Zone sponsor once again and to use the opportunity to showcase the best practices of digital implementation and transformation.

The HealthTech Zone gave visitors the opportunity to find out more about the crucial role of technology and data in modernising and future-proofing our NHS, as well as highlighting case studies of programmes already in place that are delivering improved outcomes for patients.
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