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A Regulatory Affairs Officer

One of our Regulatory Affairs Officers shares their experience of working in our highly regulated industry.

Hi, I'm a Regulatory Affairs Officer based at Teva's office in Harlow.

My introduction to Teva was a very unusual one. A few years ago the company laid on a course for its managers to improve their interviewing skills. I was asked by my employment agency if Iā€™d like to 'pretend' to be a job candidate looking for work, so I agreed to take part in the mock interview process.

I participated in two interviews and enjoyed the experience immensely. And so it seemed did the people who were interviewing me, because they phoned me up and asked if I'd like to apply for the position of officer because there was a vacancy available.

I've already been on a couple of training courses because I'd like to further my career within regulatory affairs. With the support of my managers I can see myself climbing the career ladder here.

I jumped at the chance and joined on a temporary contract in October 2009. In January 2010 I was made permanent and I have never looked back because I'm so happy here.

Before joining Teva I'd had a number of admin-related jobs, but nothing related to regulatory affairs.

Regulatory Affairs Officer

I work in a team of about 20 people who deal with the licensing of Teva's products. The team regularly submits official paperwork to health authorities, either in paper or electronic form and it's my job to make sure everything goes out on time and is followed up properly.

I keep on top of databases and handle all the administrative work and basically take care of all the little things so that my team can focus on the job in hand and not worry about everything else.

I love what I do because the role is so varied and exciting. Getting involved in so many different tasks was tough at first ā€“ like learning a different language ā€“ but the team were so helpful and didn't mind explaining anything to help me learn the procedures.