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A Sales Operations Manager

This Sales Operations Manager has an overview across the commercial parts of our business, and shares that perspective and insight with us.

Hi, I'm a Sales Operations Manager in Teva's commercial business area, I've been at Teva for quite a few years and what makes this job brilliant is the fact that no two days are ever the same. One minute I'm working on a large, complicated initiative for internal customers and the next I'm discussing strategy with my boss about future ways of working.

Sales operations manager

The markets into which we sell are changing all the time, so we have to constantly look over the edge of the horizon for new ways to develop and grow the business successfully.

I have a real passion for exploring and developing new initiatives and I'm delighted to say that Teva has always encouraged me to do this. In this company, if you show the will to develop your skills, they will support you and reward you by giving you the right opportunities. This is clearly demonstrated by the simple fact that I started here as a sales representative before becoming a regional sales manager and now I'm operating in the senior levels of the business.

I think Teva is a good place to work because it is populated by people that are up for the challenge and willing to step up and look for solutions whilst spreading best practice, which makes the Teva a very creative and exciting place to be.

An element of that success is down to good training and I believe that Teva takes learning and development very seriously. Training programmes are well thought out and tailored to the individual. There is a healthy open and constructive culture where colleagues can ask difficult questions, with the understanding that not everybody knows everything. We use our respective strengths to support our own areas of development.

For me the best thing about Teva is the flat organisation and by that I mean the gap between a sales representative and a company director is very narrow so, for example, you can pick up the phone and speak to your line manager, senior management and directors very easily.

There's a desire within the business to keep improving the proposition for employees, so the company is always talking, and listening to colleagues.

It's an 'open door' environment which is good because you can call on everybody's experience and through this I've always felt empowered within my role. Teva is a company where you can develop yourself, progress through the company and have a great career.

However, Teva never really wants to accept the status quo. There's a desire within the business to keep improving the proposition for customers and patients, so the company is always talking, and listening to colleagues to find out what's going well and what's not, so that it can make improvements where necessary.