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Making a difference together reflects the spirit of our community involvement at Teva.

Giving back to our communities and finding new and innovative ways to do so is a source of pride and motivation for us. It’s a part of our identity.

As a company, we work hard to help strengthen local communities around where we live and work in a positive, impactful and relevant way. It’s a collaborative effort and one that all of our employees can, and do, contribute to.

Our leadership as a socially responsible company is showcased through the community investments we make and the hands-on employee volunteering we do, with a particular emphasis on health, wellness and education.

Health and wellbeing

Volunteering and fundraising are actively encouraged at Teva, and our employees’ passion and enthusiasm are evident.

The main focus of our community relations is health and wellbeing, and we’ve linked up with schools local to our main sites, offering a range of support to both the pupils and staff. 

Financial contributions have enabled them to buy a variety of much-needed new equipment, including kit for their gym areas and supplies for their science department. We’ve also engaged with them on a more holistic level and offer all kinds of partnership and mentoring opportunities on an as-needed basis.


Payroll Giving

Payroll GivingWe operate a payroll giving scheme through Workplace Giving UK which enables our employees to donate money every single month to their chosen charities through their salary.

Donating through this scheme means that the charity not only receives the donation, but also the tax that would have been paid on the amount – up to 40% of the initial donation.


Graduate Scheme

Our Graduate Scheme helps us identify potential future leaders, and nurture this talent. It gives graduates the chance to have in depth training and develop skills and experience to succeed in a career either within or beyond Teva.

During the 20-month placement, the successful graduates spend time in a number of key departments within the organisation, working through a structured programme aimed at developing their knowledge and expertise.




At Teva, we’re actively working to address our environmental impact.

Recycling waste, saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint are all priorities for us.

Some examples of what we are doing at our sites to address our environmental impact are:

  • Improved recycling facilities, including paper, plastic, metal and cardboard
  • MDF pallet tops recycled and processed into biomass fuel, which powers hospitals and other industrial sites

EnvironmentEnergy and lighting are current priorities for our environmental team – two major contributors to both CO2 emissions and costs. We’re constantly evaluating our environmental impact and looking at how and where improvements can be made. 

It’s not just the big things – little changes can make a big difference too:

  • A computer left on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus
  • Switching office lights off at night can save enough energy to heat a home for almost five months
  • A 2°C increase in office temperature creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon

Recycling medicines packaging

Pharmaceutical companies face many challenges in meeting the production quality standards and then subsequently meeting disposal guidelines after a product has been used. You can be confident that we always try to use resources wisely when designing our products, considering both regulatory requirements and the environmental impact. 

Our medicines are packaged in such a way as to comply with the European Directive 92/27/EEC which covers the labelling of medicinal products for human use and on the leaflets contained in those packages. This includes the outer carton, the inner packaging and the patient leaflets, aiming to ensure the medicines’ safe and effective use.

"We always try to use resources wisely when designing our products, considering both regulatory requirements and the environmental impact."

Additionally, as you’d expect, the packaging preserves the stability and quality of medicinal products and protects them against spoilage and tampering. The materials used in packaging are chosen for their specific properties, to ensure they don’t themselves have an adverse effect on the product, or conversely the product doesn’t have an effect on the packaging materials used.

What this means for Teva’s products is that we have made decisions on production materials with these requirements in mind. Most of our carton and patient information leaflets can be recycled, as they are paper and cardboard.

"Most of our carton and patient information leaflets can be recycled, as they are paper and cardboard."

Blister packs are made of plastic and aliminum foil, and have potentially been in contact with toxic or highly potent chemical molecules, so consequently they require special consideration for their disposal. Unfortunately there is currently nowhere in the UK that the blister pack can be recycled.

Find out more about the design of our packaging >

Our Working Environment

We’re committed to the protection of colleagues, contractors, visitors, communities and the environment in all of our locations and providing a safe and healthy environment in which to work.

We’re proud of the five star rating we achieved after a British Safety Council audit. Organisations around the world use this ratings scheme to benchmark themselves against current best practice to enable continual improvement.

"Putting health and safety first: Both our distribution centre in Castleford and our solid dose packaging site in Eastbourne have achieved OHSAS 18001 standards"

The OHSAS 18001 standard is internationally accepted as a method of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems. Developed by leading trade and international standards bodies, it provides a framework for organisations to instigate proper and effective management of health and safety in the workplace.

"Minimising our environmental impact is something we take very seriously: Both our distribution centre in Castleford and our solid dose packaging site in Eastbourne have achieved ISO 14001 certification."

ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment (i.e. cause adverse changes to air, water, or land), and comply with applicable laws, regulations and continually improve how they operate.




Patients who use our medicines rely on an unrestricted supply of high quality, innovative treatments to meet their medical needs.

To create our medicines, we depend on a secure and accountable supply chain network of trusted partner companies. We make every effort to meet our obligations to patients by maintaining a fail-safe network of suppliers. We also emphasise reliability and responsibility in our manufacturing processes.

We require all of our suppliers, and all of the other Teva sites around the world that we work in partnership with, to adhere to the stringent standards outlined in the pharmaceutical industry’s current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices – also known as cGMP and GDP.

This is in addition to compliance with other requirements from the relevant regulatory authorities around the world. These standards help to ensure medicines are produced to the highest quality standards, and that the health of our patients is safeguarded.

Audits and inspections

Audits and inspections are an important part of our Health and Safety Management System in that they are part of the review process.  Our Audits and inspections help identify health and safety issues and give us the opportunity to correct them before they result in accidents. 

They provide the opportunity to constructively engage with a range of employees on health and safety matters and help us to build a good health and safety culture. Through these audits we demonstate the commitment to good standards of health and safety that our industry demands.

Responsible sales and marketing

When patients require a medicine, they also need information and support to help them understand the risks, potential side effects, dosage and other drug-related issues. Healthcare providers play an important role in this process – and pharmaceutical companies have a part to play in the way they support healthcare professionals.

The way in which we communicate with our patients is very strictly regulated. We are not allowed to advertise our prescription medicines to the public. Discussions about medicines are intended to be between a healthcare professional and their patient.

We also abide by the regulations set out by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (the trade association for the pharmaceutical industry), in its Code of Practice. This defines what can be said to both patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals can learn more about our support >




When it comes to our employees, our goal is simple: to make Teva a great place to work.

Our employees are at the heart of Teva, the core of our business and the cornerstone of our success. Without their hard work, we wouldn’t be able to help the hundreds of millions of patients who take our medicines every single day. 

Our success and continued growth are driven by the performance of every single individual working here. That’s why we devote so much time and thought to our current and future employees – working hard to nurture the talent we already have and attract the best talent for the future, promoting diversity, health and wellbeing, and providing training and development that helps our employees fulfil their potential. This has helped us establish a high-performing positive working environment.

We are also part of a vast network of global career opportunities, and actively encourage employees’ development to seek out opportunities for development within the organisation – through internal promotions, secondments and collaborative project working with colleagues in other countries.

We have a unique culture at Teva. It’s the kind of place where every single person’s contribution is valued and when the senior leadership team say they have an open-door policy, they really mean it.

We work hard to recruit the most talented people while reinforcing the culture and values that make Teva a great place to work. We maintain fair-minded collaborative relations with employee representative bodies and foster a culture where everyone can have their voice heard.

We also encourage and support our employees engagement in our corporate social responsibility programme.

You can find out more about Working at Teva and What we offer in terms of careers at Teva, in the Careers section.

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