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NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Partnership Case Study

Be Medicine Aware

Teva UK Limited and NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Partnership Project Case Study

Download the project working case study

This is a case study of how NHS East Riding of Yorkshire worked in a local partnership with the Teva Integrated Healthcare Manager and Teva UK Limited to address the issue of medicine wastage.

Project rationale

A report by the Department of Health estimates that unused medicines cost the NHS around £300 million every year, with an estimated £110 million worth of medicine returned to pharmacies, £90 million worth of unused prescriptions being stored in homes and £50 million worth of medicines disposed of by Care Homes.1

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire identified significant areas of medicines wastage in the local area, which if it was addressed successfully could save the NHS around £500,000 per annum.

The local PCT identified that the main population groups responsible for the over ordering of medicines are younger mothers and those over 60 years of age.

  • It was suggested that these cohorts do not pay prescription charges and they often order their medication on an ongoing, monthly basis
  • In some cases it was noted that elderly patients do not like to tell the GP they are not taking their medication and do not like to stop ordering it for fear of being ‘told-off’ by the doctor

Approach defined

    Agreed objectives

    The objectives of this Be Medicine Aware campaign was to:

    1. Reduce the amount of repeat prescribing across NHS East Riding of Yorkshire
    2. Make patients aware that using their medication correctly will make them feel better
    3. Encourage patients to ask themselves “do I need this medication?" before they tick the box on their repeat prescription slip
    4. Increase awareness that patients can talk to their local pharmacist for help and advice

    Desired outcomes

    • A monthly increase in Medicine Usage Reviews (MUR) completed on patients over the age of 60, young mothers and or pregnant women aged 18 or older in NHS East Riding of Yorkshire
    • A reduction in overall repeat prescriptions dispensed to patients over the age of 60, young mothers and or pregnant women over the age of 18 in NHS East Riding of Yorkshire

    Partnership with Teva UK Limited

    In order to achieve these outcomes, NHS East Riding of Yorkshire worked in partnership with Teva UK Limited as they provided:

    • Project management and communication skills
    • Experience of delivering health awareness campaigns
    • Expertise in working with creative agencies to develop the advertisements and posters
    • A local integrated healthcare manager to co-ordinate the initiative and be a source of contact for all stakeholders involved

    Both the NHS and Teva UK Limited abided by the relevant regulatory bodies and guidance, including the ABPI Code of Conduct.

    Benefits of the partnership

    This project demonstrated a successful partnership approach to address a significant public health issue facing the local health economy.

    This partnership project provided a high profile campaign that strengthened public relations between the NHS, Teva UK Limited and local patients.

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