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For the prevention of travel sickness

Travel easy with Joy-Rides tablet

Joy-Rides is one of the only branded products suitable to use on children from the age of three, which means that Joy-Rides is suitable for all family members over the age of three. The active ingredient hyoscine hydrobromide acts on your brain to help stop those mixed messages from your ears and eyes making you feel sick.

Just take the chewable, fruit-flavoured tablets around 20 minutes before you travel to help keep motion sickness at bay. Dosages differ for adults and children, so always check the instructions carefully.

Joy-Rides can even be taken after the journey has begun, so that even if the symptoms of nausea start unexpectedly the symptoms can still be treated quickly and effectively.

This medicine may make you feel drowsy and can sometimes cause dizziness and blurred vision. If you feel any of these side effects it’s important not to drive or use any machines.

Always read the package leaflet.

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