Cymex® cream triple action formula actively relieves, controls infection and promotes effective healing of painful unsightly cold sores and dry cracked lips.

Fast relief and treatment of cold sores

Cymex® cream’s triple action formula relieves and promotes the healing of painful and unsightly cold sores and dry cracked lips. It soothes the tingling burning sensation, helps stop lips from drying and cracking and it contains moisturising ingredients which ease discomfort and soften raw skin. It also helps to control infection through antiseptic properties and therefore promotes effective healing.

Relieves, controls, heals

Especially good for sore cracked lips, apply the Cymex® cream sparingly every hour for relief as needed. If symptoms persist, speak to your doctor. Always read the package leaflet.

Lip care advice

Once you’ve caught the herpes simplex virus (HSV), it stays with you. You can’t avoid getting cold sores, but you can control how often they appear and how fast they heal. Here are some simple steps to help you look after yourself: 

Notice your triggers. You might find your cold sores flare up when you are tired, stressed or run down. Injuries or strong sunlight can be triggers.
For women, they may appear at certain points in your menstrual cycle. Help support your defences by eating well, exercising regularly and sleeping soundly. 

Be prepared. Plan for outbreaks by keeping Cymex® Cream for Cold Sores to hand. Start treatment as soon as you notice that first tingling sensation. 

Don’t spread it. Avoid bringing other people into contact with your cold sore until it’s completely healed. Don’t share drinks or cutlery.
Try not to touch your cold sore. If you’re applying cream always wash your hands before and after. 

Protect your lips. Use a moisturizing, protective balm between outbreaks to keep your lips healthy.

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This product is available from retailers including: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Superdrug, Savers, Lloyds, Day Lewis, Leading Independent Pharmacies, Well Pharmacy, Rowlands Pharmacy.

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Always read the package leaflet

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Date of preparation: August 2023
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