If you’re finding it hard to sleep soundly, Sominex® tablets can help you drift off and wake feeling refreshed. Sominex® comes in two variants; Sominex® tablets, which contains an active ingredient (promethazine hydrochloride) and is a medicine, and Sominex® Herbal, which is traditionally used to soothe and calm.

Sleep soundly again with Sominex®

Take one tablet at bedtime or up to an hour after if you’re struggling to nod off. Sominex® tablets act fast and you may start to feel sleepy in just 15-30 minutes. One tablet will be enough to get you through the night. Don’t use Sominex® tablets for more than 7 days without speaking to your doctor. Always read the package leaflet.

Say “good night” to restless nights

Sominex® Herbal is an herbal blend of valerian, hops and passionflower that is traditionally used to soothe and calm. This product is used for temporary relief of sleep disturbances based on traditional use only. It’s best to avoid alcohol when you are taking Sominex® tablets or Sominex® Herbal. Both can make you drowsy the next day, so if you feel sleepy don’t drive or operate machinery.

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Customer Services

This product is available from retailers including: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Superdrug, Savers, Lloyds, Day Lewis, Leading Independent Pharmacies, Well Pharmacy, Rowlands Pharmacy.

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Always read the package leaflet

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Date of preparation: August 2023
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