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Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

05 July 2018 Category:  Company

Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

The National Health Service is turning 70 and Teva are proud to have supported our national institution throughout its history.

At Teva, we’re recognising this land mark because not only is the NHS is our largest customer, but we’re proud to say that for each year, for at least the last ten years, we have been their largest supplier of medicines.1

Teva’s contribution to UK healthcare goes far beyond just the supply of medicines.

The Health Service is going through the biggest financial squeeze in its history and services are under huge pressure, so we're working hard to help the NHS do more with less by driving sustainability and value, through our range of generic and innovative medicines and through our partnerships.

We are incredibly proud of the many ways we help the NHS, from saving money through our generic medicines, to helping manage long terms conditions like MS and asthma, to supporting community pharmacy with our support services.

From births to broken bones, from emergency surgeries to routine screenings, the NHS is the service we’ve all relied on.

The NHS is one of our most cherished national institutions. It has such a presence in our country and has probably touched every single one of us at some point in our lives. We will, no doubt, all have a friend or relative who works there.

We cherish the NHS because it turns the idea of "cradle to grave" from a metaphor into a reality. The strength of attachment to the NHS goes well beyond the politics of healthcare, and is much more personal, reflecting its presence on some of the most important days of our lives.

That’s why we invited colleagues from all around Teva in the UK to share some of their personal experiences of the NHS in action, and over the summer we’ll be sharing those stories on our website.

We aim to be part of the solution to some of the headaches facing the NHS.

The NHS has delivered huge medical advances and improvements to public health, meaning we can all expect to live longer lives. It is thanks to the NHS that we have all but eradicated diseases such as polio and diphtheria, and pioneered new treatments like the world’s first liver, heart and lung transplant.

Many of the tensions of the early days of the NHS have challenged its senior management and successive governments ever since. The fundamental questions that tested Bevan and his colleagues - how best to organise and manage the service, how to fund it adequately, how to balance the often conflicting demands and expectations of patients, staff and taxpayers, how to ensure finite resources are targeted where they are most needed - continue to exist.

We play an important role in supporting sustainability; generic medicines in particular save the NHS an estimated £13 billion every year compared to the cost of their branded equivalents.2 As the leading supplier of medicines to the NHS, we contribute almost £3bn to these savings.3

In addition to generic medicines, our portfolio also includes a range of over-the-counter therapies and innovative specialty medicines which treat conditions affecting the central nervous system, respiratory diseases, oncology and pain.

We also have a pipeline of medicines in various stages of clinical development, and work hard to make a difference beyond simply supplying medicines to the NHS. We are involved in several partnerships with NHS organisations to provide support to patients, and we support the NHS mission to improve and modernise services while delivering cost efficiencies.

Our vision for the future NHS

Our vision for the future NHS is one in which patients and carers are empowered to manage their own health through access to digital technologies that support their needs and improve health outcomes.

While we cannot solve all the challenges facing the health service, we aim to help by developing solutions to some key issues by improving treatment options and supporting its drive to reduce costs. We are actively looking at healthcare options that are fit for the future, investing in new technologies, innovative devices, and a fresh approach to patient services.


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Date of preparation: July 2018
Ref: UK/CPE/18/0059

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