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Safety First: Teva Sponsors Wales Medicines Safety Conference

30 November 2017 Category:  Company

Safety First: Teva Sponsors Wales Medicines Safety Conference

Teva sponsored the Wales Medicines Safety Conference, held in Cardiff on 29 November.

Today, healthcare is being delivered ever closer to people’s homes and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure this shift is underpinned by safety. New models of care – such as an increase in medications delivered directly to patients and pharmacists playing a greater role in prescribing – have given rise to new safety and governance challenges. The healthcare community needs to work together to embrace these opportunities, while maintaining high safety standards.

That’s why in the UK, Teva sponsored the Wales Medicines Safety Conference, held in Cardiff on 29 November. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society event highlighted innovative practice and technological developments that have the potential to increase quality of care and patient safety wherever medicines are used.

As the largest supplier of medicines to the National Health Service1, Teva places great importance on providing medicines to patients that are safe, effective and of the highest quality. Since high quality, safe healthcare today involves a number of care providers – ranging from health and social care, to the volunteer sector, to friends and family – coordinating care amongst these people is key. That’s particularly so when it comes to medicine safety.

At Teva, we’re already making use of digital health innovations to support care coordination, whole-person care and patient self-management. Through our involvement with the NHS Test Bed initiative, Teva is already teaming up with healthcare professionals to make data-driven decisions that streamline pathways, whilst supporting patients to manage their condition more effectively and improve their overall experience.

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Our medicines packaging was designed with safety in mind; it aims to help reduce the risk of dispensing errors and make it easier for patients to identify the right medicine. The coloured circles, clear dark font and white uncluttered box are all intended to help reduce confusion over different medicines and different strengths of the same medicine – both for the patients taking the treatments, but also the pharmacists who dispense the medicines.

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Ensuring the safety of medicines is one of Teva’s 10 global ‘social impact priorities’.

We comply with applicable laws covering the safety of medicines and provide complete and accurate labelling of products, together with clear patient safety information. Our worldwide network of local safety officers, most of whom are physicians or pharmacists, is supported by our high standards of manufacturing and precision quality assurance, pharmacovigilance operations, clinical trial standards, and our ongoing fight against counterfeiting.

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Through our support of the Wales Medicines Safety Conference, Teva is now also partnering with stakeholders to engage in a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities new models of care present when it comes to patient safety.


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Date of preparation: November 2017 
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