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Teva’s antibiotic medicines feature in new exhibition about antibiotic resistance

04 January 2018 Category:  Company

Teva’s antibiotic medicines feature in new exhibition about antibiotic resistance

Teva has donated samples of packaging for Colobreathe® (colistimethate sodium) and Colomycin® (colistimethate sodium) to a special exhibition about antibiotic resistance at the Science Museum in London.

The Superbugs: The fight for our lives exhibition explores how society is responding to the huge global challenge of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics have enabled us to combat diseases that were once untreatable. But bacteria have fought back, evolving into superbugs resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics. This new exhibition explores how society is responding to the enormous challenge of antibiotic resistance, featuring scientific research from across the globe and the personal stories of those waging war on the superbugs.

Superbugs currently kill almost 700,000 people a year, and by 2050 this figure could reach 10 million1

The samples are from medicines containing the antibiotic colistin that are used to treat pulmonary bacterial infections in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients. Colobreathe® is an inhalation powder in hard capsules taken via the Turbospin® inhaler, while Colomycin® is taken either via nebulisation (where liquid medicine is converted into a fine mist once placed through a nebuliser) or in some cases intravenously. Teva UK has also provided the outer carton for Colobreathe plus a Turbospin® inhaler device, in addition to a Colomycin Vial.

Visitors to the Superbugs exhibition can see real bacteria, including nine deadly bacteria that the World Health Organisation classifies as a significant threat to human health.

Visitors can also hear the personal stories of six individuals - including a patient living with antibiotic resistance and a nurse. They will learn about the vital exploration around the globe to find new antibiotics plus the innovative technologies being used to make superbugs a thing of the past.

Sheldon Paquin, Content Developer at the Science Museum said: “We hope the exhibition will get people talking about a very serious scientific issue – even if they aren’t particularly interested in science – by making the subject more accessible.”

  • Superbugs: The fight for our lives is free of charge and runs on Level 0, Tomorrow’s World, at the Science Museum until Spring 2019. 
  • For more information, visit the science museum website.

1) Source: p.5 The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) 2014. [accessed online 24.11.17]

Date of preparation: January 2018
Ref: UK/CPE/18/0001

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