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  • Working with the NHS

    Working with the NHS to achieve its goals is at the core of our patient-centred strategy

  • Joint Working with the NHS

    We're helping the NHS to manage long-term conditions, address cost-efficient prescribing and develop joined-up care

Teva is a key partner to NHS organisations all around the UK
It’s easy to talk about the number of Teva medicines that are dispensed in the UK every day, but what really matters, is that you know that we are more than a medicines company. We are working really hard to be a true partner to your health service.

We’re doing this by helping patients get better access to the medicines they need, working on improving treatment options, helping the NHS drive down costs. We are also looking at healthcare options that are fit for the future, like new technologies, innovative devices, and a fresh approach to services.

Contribution to UK healthcare

Joint Working

NHS Partnerships


Work with Teva