My role involves overseeing the marketing for Teva’s OTC brands, including Sudocrem and Infacol.

I joined Teva on maternity cover about a year ago before being offered a permanent job. My role recently expanded to include responsibility for marketing the Irish side of the business.

I work at Harlow, our office just outside of London, and I’m involved with all aspects of marketing our products, including PR, working on TV adverts, and social and digital.

It’s a varied role and quite a change from my previous job!

It’s a very supportive environment and personal growth and development is really encouraged. As an employee, Teva always wants to hear what you have to say and is keen to know how it can improve as an organisation. A lot of organisations don’t have that focus.

It’s great to work for a business that creates fantastic products which help people but at the same time also cares about its employees.

One initiative is our Parents and Carers Whatsapp group, which is a great resource. From a carer’s point of view, my family lives at the other end of the country and when my grandma had to go into a home, my team were fantastic and I was offered a lot of flexibility at work. Everyone was also very caring and understanding.

There’s also a real emphasis on professional and personal growth. I’m very interested in developing my digital marketing skills further and this is something that I’ve been encouraged to pursue. I’ve started applying for digital marketing courses, and the support is there to do part of the course during my work hours. I really feel that Teva is committed to investing in my future.