My journey at Teva began in 2005 and since then, I’ve seen the company from local, global and regional perspectives – there are plenty of opportunities here to work internationally.

When I joined Teva, it was my first job in the pharma industry, though I had transferrable skills having previously worked in PR and comms in other industries. I joined at an exciting time when the company was growing very quickly. I really enjoyed my first few years and learnt so much, growing with Teva as it expanded. By 2010, I was asked to help the regional European office and I grabbed this amazing opportunity with both hands. I was based in Amsterdam but travelled to most European countries over the next eight years and got involved in some amazing projects. I learnt about different cultures, different business models, different markets, different models of healthcare and how countries operate differently to the UK when it comes to patient care.

In 2015, I was asked if I wanted to be seconded to a very large global strategic project lasting nearly two years. This incredible opportunity meant that I could spread my wings professionally, as well as travel all over the world. I met so many interesting people who had different outlooks and experiences. It was great to be so involved in making an impact on patients and employees around the world.

When I felt like I wasn’t learning anything new and I wanted a change and to move back home to spend more time with my family, Teva was very supportive of my decision. They considered a holistic approach to what I wanted to do in my life and career. I now lead corporate affairs in the UK and Ireland cluster and I’m learning new and interesting skills, about government affairs in particular. It’s exciting to play a part in influencing government and businesses, changing mindsets and cultures.

What I love about my journey at Teva is that after 15 years and working across the globe, I’m still finding the challenge interesting. Most of all, I enjoy what I do. I love being able to support our people and patients, and I can’t think of another company where employees’ needs are so much part of the DNA.

People like me illustrate that at Teva, your career doesn’t have to be linear; you can shape your career around what’s right for you. Teva UK has a special, supportive culture and it’s very good at looking after its employees. It has a family feel where our people are supported to give their best.