You might be surprised to learn that we've been supplying medicines for over 80 years. We were established in Yorkshire back in the 1930s – which means we’ve been around longer than the NHS!

Our medicines improve the lives of patients in so many ways - that could be by fighting infections and controlling cholesterol, or it could be through offering flexible treatment options for migraine, relieving the symptoms of asthma, or providing lifesaving injectable medicines and pain relief for cancer sufferers.

We’re also the company behind well-known brands in the consumer health and baby care sector, such as Sudocrem® and Infacol®.

Teva - A key partner to the National Health Service

Like all health systems globally, the NHS is under intense financial pressure driven by growing patient demand from a population that is aging (and who are often managing multiple chronic conditions,) and by rising costs.

We're working hard to help the NHS do more with less by delivering value through our generic medicines, and by offering wider treatment options through our innovative branded medicines.

We’re focused on improving how long-term conditions are managed; that means working with the NHS to deliver cost-efficient prescribing and ensuring high quality, joined-up care for patients.

We're also looking at healthcare options that are fit for the future, like new technologies, innovative devices, and a fresh approach to services.

Driving savings with generic medicines

Generic medicines are typically sold at a substantially lower price compared to their branded medicine counterparts, as the development process is generally less costly.

Generic medicines bring significant savings to the NHS medicines bill – estimates are that generic medicines save the NHS around £13 billion every year, in England and Wales, compared to the cost if their branded equivalents had been dispensed.2 This frees up valuable NHS resources to be directed to where patients need it.

As one of the leading generic medicines suppliers in the UK, Teva was responsible for £2.78 billion ($3.8 billion) of these savings in 2020.3 That’s the equivalent of more than 114,000 new nurses or just under 100,000 junior doctors.3

At a global level, Teva has one of the broadest medicines pipelines and widest portfolios in the industry which brings considerable benefits to us in the UK; it puts us in a strong position to bring generic versions of branded medicines to market on the first day of patent protection ending, at a competitive price.

Our UK based operations

We have sites across the UK with extensive operations that span all aspects of bringing medicines to market. They are, all working together to provide high-quality medicines to millions of patients - not just in the UK, but worldwide.

Commercial activities

  • Our UK commercial headquarters and hi-tech logistics centre are based in Castleford, in the heart of the West Yorkshire.
  • Our site in Harlow is home to many of our specialist teams, including Sales and Marketing, Medical, Regulatory Affairs and Legal. It’s a Centre of Excellence for Regulatory Affairs within Teva, with teams covering both European and global licensing for medicines and over-the-counter (OTC) products.
  • Our field-based medical and commercial teams working with customers right across the UK.

Research and Manufacturing

Teva is a major employer in the UK with hundreds of highly skilled staff working in our Research and Development and manufacturing facilities.

  • Runcorn, Cheshire is home to our manufacturing facility for sterile liquid products, mainly used in the treatment of respiratory conditions, as well as multiple sclerosis and migraine, which are distributed to countries around the world. It’s also the base for two research and development centres developing sterile drug products and sterile device technology.
  • Our Larne site in Northern Ireland is a research and development facility focusing on branded and generic developments in medical implants and devices.

Proud to be positively impacting the UK’s Economy

As an employer and a manufacturer, Teva creates jobs and contributes to economic output. Beyond direct expenditures, Teva's spending initiates a series of income creation, spending and re-spending that support other jobs and contribute to additional Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Teva’s economic impact in 2018 included supporting nearly 30,500 full-time jobs, contributing £6.0 billion to GDP and generating £927 million in labour income, a measure of aggregate worker wages.4


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