Collaborative Working with the NHS

Collaborating with the NHS to improve patient care

Teva works with NHS organisations at national, regional and local level, focussing on improving patient outcomes by implementing developments in healthcare delivery.

We’re focussed on helping patients get better access to the medicines they need, working on improving treatment options, and supporting the NHS’s drive to reduce costs. We are also looking at healthcare options that are fit for the future, like new technologies, innovative devices, and a fresh approach to services.

Collaborative Working with the NHS

We pride ourselves on taking our relationship with the NHS beyond the transactional into a more consultative and problem-solving partnership to help deliver better care in areas of mutual interest.

Joint Working

Joint working projects are a specific type of partnership between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry, which aim to improve the efficiency and delivery of patient care at a local level.

To ensure that the joint working projects we undertake are delivered to the highest standard, we follow the Department of Health’s Best Practice Guidance and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice.

We have undertaken a number of joint working initiatives with the NHS, in respiratory and migraine:

Active joint working projects 

The Walton Centre

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Executive Summary of the Joint Working Agreement between Teva UK Limited and The Walton Centre: Chronic Primary Headache Service Review Project

The Project is being undertaken to improve the clinical management, patient satisfaction and outcomes in adults patients diagnosed with chronic primary headache disorders in the Pan Mersey area. This will be achieved by the implementation and embedding of appropriate local, national and NICE treatment guidelines through the deployment of a clinical therapeutic review. 

Project Period: Both Parties have committed resources to this project that will run for a period of 12 months, which can be extended if required and if agreed by all parties. 

The Project is designed to: 

  • Improve patient satisfaction of the healthcare service and deliver better care by offering appropriate treatment within a suitable timeframe 
  • Improve patient outcomes 
  • Improve efficiency of the Chronic Headache service and mitigate capacity, waiting list and failure to meet patient review targets 
  • Reduce hospital admissions in relation to chronic headache 
  • Implement and embed appropriate local, national and NICE guidelines for the treatment of chronic primary headaches 
  • Improve the use of NHS resources 
  • Audit and collect data on the impact of this Project to allow outcome reporting and identification of any requirements for future service enhancement 

Expected patient benefits for this Project include: 

  • Full Chronic Primary Headache review with optimisation of treatment 
  • Improved patient experience of the service, potentially through reduced waiting lists 
  • Increased identification of chronic primary headache patients that require specialist input and treatments 
  • Increased quality of life through improved management 

Expected NHS benefits for this Project include: 

  • Improved service efficiency 
  • Enhanced services that are configured around patient needs 
  • Reduced use of NHS resources 
  • Reduction in unplanned hospital admissions 
  • Optimisation of the treatment for patients with chronic primary headache 

Expected Teva benefits for this Project include: 

  • Increased awareness of Teva UK Limited within the chronic headache therapy area 
  • Demonstrating Joint Working capabilities for future projects and improving relationships with the NHS 
  • Potentially increased appropriate use of medicines, including medicines manufactured and marketed by Teva (e.g. fremanezumab) aligned to local, national and NICE guidelines, including TA631: Fremanezumab for preventing migraine ( 

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Original Teva Ref: CNS-GB-NP-00016
Date of preparation: December 2020

Completed joint working projects 

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Date of preparation: August 2021
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00071