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We're proud that...

84% of colleagues agreed with the statement "I feel Teva culture promotes diversity and inclusiveness"

At Teva, everyone belongs, and all opinions are valued. We welcome and embrace individuals of all ethnicities, races, religions, cultures, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities.

When our people are heard, respected, and empowered, they can realise their full potential and apply their skills and talents. This strengthens our organisation, fuelling our creativity and innovation as we work to improve health for people of all backgrounds.

Together we're united in building something greater than ourselves – and we do this by treating our people fairly and with respect.

What does an inclusive workplace look like?

Our inclusive culture is what binds us. By removing the barriers between our people and their ideas, beliefs, and ability, we can harness the truly diverse insights that underpin our innovative work. It's about being accepted for who you are and feeling you belong. 

And, of course, individuality comes from the way people think, too. So, at a global level, as part of our initiative to increase the number of neurodivergent people working for Teva, we're currently piloting a neurodiverse recruitment program focused on Autism. We'll be working closely with a specialist agency that assists in recruiting talented individuals, training employees on autism acceptance in the workplace, and supporting candidates and managers throughout the placement experience.

From how we hire to closing the gender gap, we encourage the spirit of togetherness. Here are some of our stories:

Empowering you to be heard

Across the board, we want our people to feel empowered to be their true selves and inspire others in doing so. At a global level our Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides a platform to take action and express your unique voice, offering networking opportunities, mentoring, and leadership training with like-minded employees to connect. And locally, our Employee Voice Network is focussed on actions and activities closer to home in the UK that ensure all voices are heard and represented. 

We also have our annual employee survey which gives us great insights in to how our people are feeling and how we're performing on themes and activities that matter to them.

What our UK based colleagues said:

In our annual employee survey 85% of colleagues agreed that "I feel I am able to be myself at work" and 87% of colleagues agreed that "I am treated with respect as an individual". 

Proudly celebrating difference 

The diversity of our workforce gives us insight to the many different groups of people that are part of the Teva family. One of which is the LGBTQ+ community, which we support through celebrating Pride all year round with talks, marches, and events. We're always seeking to improve how we do things and looking for ways to be more inclusive. Read about how we've been raising awareness for Pride across the globe through some exciting initiatives.

"When I transitioned, many of my friends waved goodbye…Teva has been very supportive, and my gender history is not an issue. I'm treated as just another contractor, and that's the way it should be. The policies they have in place offer me protection at work."

Christine Beckett, Diversity Champion, UK

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We met with Teva people from the LGBTQ+ community to get to know them better and understand what Pride means to them.

Rodrigo Silva, Teva Brazil: “Pride for me is a reminder that a better future is possible.  A future with more acceptance and compassion.”

Sonia Shapira, Teva Israel

Samuel Murphy, Teva Australia: “It's about people's choices.  It's about love, it's about creativity, about differences.”

Dana Zats, Teva Israel: “Putting on the front diversity, taking everyone in account.

Raul Rea, Teva Mexico: “Pride for me, is a way of being myself, without fear of just being myself.”

Kobi Frank, Teva Israel: “I feel empowered when I succeed to inspire my children.  It’s about being myself in every moment of my life without any apologies.”

Makarand Bagul, Teva UK: “Be proud of being who you are. And when I do that and I set an example, it empowers other people.”

Sonia Assunta Farrugia, Teva Malta: “Being proud of who you are is very important as I believe it will help you achieve and accomplish your personal goal.”

Ivan Tkachenko, Teva USA: “I celebrate pride because I want to support everyone to find acceptance and happiness in their life.”

Ray Wright, Teva UK: “Never being afraid of being who you are and being comfortable on your own skin, and being proud of that. You only have one life, so be proud of it.”

To learn more about our people and what makes them who they are, visit

Pride 2023: Get to know our people

What does Pride mean to Teva people from the LGBTQ+ community? We met with some of our community members to hear their thoughts and to get to know them better.

Gender equality

Achieving gender equality across our organisation is about empowering individuals to achieve. We provide leadership and development programs as just one of the ways to promote the success of women at Teva.

The women changing our perspectives

Here, we shine a light on the many inspiring women of Teva as they discuss their outlook, journey, and their successes.

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Nadia Komyagina:
I think all of us, it doesn't matter what the gender, need to have similar opportunities.

Roberto Rocha:
My daughter is 25 years old, a young woman that's just staring her career, and I really would like to have her to receive the same opportunities that I had in my life as a man.

Elmar Kreutzer:
If me and my wife both continue in our career ambitions, we would both be able to take over the role of the breadwinner if necessary. In the long history of gender equality discussion s it was never emphasized enough that equality is not just a gift for women, but both genders benefit from it.

Mayra Avila:
Since a young age, I learned that I needed to be a pioneer.
I wanted to lead the change and to change the perception of people, to show that we women can achieve all the same things that everyone else can.

Nadia: Because I'm working for engineering, I can say we don't have enough women there.
What we've done in Teva in the last few years is to think how we can promote and support more women around the organization.

Elmar: I support initiatives which care about the equality transformation in Teva.

Roberto: As a group of leaders in Teva, I believe we put together a lot of good ideas that could support Teva to narrow the gender gap.

Nadia: It's like a snowball. It's starting from something small, and then it can get bigger.

Mayra: I'm very involved in order to lead change at Teva that will help elevate not only women, but minorities as well.

Taking a Stand for Gender Equality

Watch as Senior Leaders from across Teva talk about actions we are taking to promote gender equality across the company.

Read more about Teva's Gender Pay Report

Nurturing your unique skills

People join us with a range of unique work and life experiences, each offering something. The path might not be obvious at first, but we'll help you get there, offering you the support and guidance you need to thrive and reach your full potential. Many of our colleagues have moved through several job roles at Teva, learning from each and taking skills into the next opportunity. 

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We believe our desire to influence society and make the world a better place starts with us. We must drive diversity and behave inclusively at Teva, inspiring other organisations to do the same so we can impact society together.

Learn from more of our people what Inclusion and Diversity at Teva mean to them.

Karthik Balasubramanian

Director, Research and Development, USA

For me, inclusion and diversity is about making sure my kids can see that people who look and talk like them can succeed.

Philippa Ward

External & ESG Communications Manager , UK

As a parent-carer, navigating the corporate world can be tricky, but I’ve only ever felt supported at Teva. It’s a company that appreciates that every employee’s experience is different and really encourages a healthy work/life balance through a wide range of policies and initiatives. 

Isabel Vinas Fernandez, HR manager, Spain

Isabel Vinas Fernandez

HR manager, Spain

Diversity, for me, is variety: including all types of people, welcoming differences and helping others to not feel different.

Ismael Sauter-Medical Affairs Advisor, Brazil

Ismael Sauter

Medical Affairs Advisor, Brazil

Discussions about Diversity and Inclusion create an environment with more equity and respect for our employees. The result is a plural company where we can be ourselves and our ideas gain voice.

Marie Evangelisto Doyle-Director, GLP/GCLP R&D Quality, US

Marie Evangelisto Doyle

Director, GLP/GCLP R&D Quality, US

To me, diversity and inclusion means not having to do more to prove myself, just to be treated equally.

Mariana Sanchez-Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Mexico

Mariana Sanchez

Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Mexico

Diversity is the raw material and inclusion is the craft. By making sure everyone feels safe and included we can get a beautiful artwork where all voices count and success is achieved.

Javier Telez-Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Spain

Javier Telez

Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Spain

Diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth—we should intensify efforts to ensure that executive ranks both embody and embrace the power of differences.

Shakeel Shahid-Pharmacovigilance Associate, Switzerland

Shakeel Shahid

Pharmacovigilance Associate, Switzerland

Inclusion helps me feel included, engaged and motivated, but also drives me to reach my personal career goals and achieve better results.

Selvinaz Kocak-Head, BI & Business Support, Switzerland

Selvinaz Kocak

Head, BI & Business Support, Switzerland

For me, inclusion and diversity means that you can be yourself and be accepted as you are. A lot of different flowers make a bouquet!

Zubair Ahmad-Manager, Quality Assurance, India

Zubair Ahmad

Manager, Quality Assurance, India

A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do, feel equally involved and supported in all areas of the workplace.

beryl-a-ojwang, Medical Science Liaison, USA

Beryl A. Ojwang

Medical Science Liaison, USA

When one’s thoughts, skills, and abilities are valued and you are in an environment where you feel included, that’s when you can truly evolve and grow.

Kim Innes

General Manager, UK and Ireland

My own personal I&D commitment is to continue to break down barriers, explore every opportunity to bring in more diverse voices, and hold people accountable for creating a welcoming and open working environment where everyone can thrive – no matter your identity or background.

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