Katie Riding

Hi, I’m Katie Riding, Senior Omnichannel Manager for the pharmacy customer group

"I love the flexibility you get working here, the ability to be entrepreneurial, and the opportunities to network across geographies."

I work alongside both the Customer Experience team and the Pricing and Portfolio team to deliver products, services and propositions for our community pharmacy and dispensing doctor customers. This involves delivering on the marketing strategy and making sure we create a cohesive experience, customer offering which helps support these important customer groups.

I’ll admit that my journey to this role hasn’t been quite as linear as others – it’s not the obvious place you would expect someone with a degree in fashion marketing to end up! However, after my degree, I spent time working in marketing, buying and product development roles in a variety of different companies, first in London and then in Australia.

On my return to the UK, I moved to Leeds where I took the plunge and set up my own business. It’s something I’d always wanted to do. If I hadn’t done it then, I’d always be thinking “what if?” Even though it’s now dormant, I am so pleased I did it; I learned so much about the practicalities of running a business, which have stood me in good stead for future job roles.

I decided, ultimately, that I wanted to get back into the corporate world and that’s when I joined Teva, initially on a six-month contract in the Procurement team. This was extended to a year, and then I moved to a role in the salesforce as maternity leave cover. That was a great springboard back into Marketing as it gave me a really solid insight into the customer’s wants and needs. I was able to move into Marketing after that, and I am still here six years later!

I love the flexibility you get working here, the ability to be entrepreneurial, and the opportunities to network across geographies, as well as the hybrid working between home and office.

You can really be master/mistress of your own destiny at Teva, following what interests you

Not only that, but you can really be master/mistress of your own destiny, pursuing opportunities to grow your skills and your confidence, and growing in your role.

I am a creative person and the creativity in my role really appeals to me. You don’t have to limit yourself, as there are chances to build new skills, but you can grow beyond your own personal “safe space”. I recently worked on a pan-European project which took me out of my comfort zone, but it was so interesting and a fantastic learning experience!

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Date of preparation: September 2023
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00315 (V1.0)