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We enhance access to essential medicines for people—no matter where they live.

Good health should never be a privilege, dependent on your wealth or where you live in the world. This is a passionately-held belief, behind which we all unite at Teva. It’s also the inspiration behind our mission to improve the lives of patients across the world, by being a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals.

We’re committed to continuing our long legacy of finding new ways to make quality medicines more affordable and accessible to more people. As it stands today, our portfolio of generic and innovative products is among the largest of any pharmaceutical company in the world, and we estimate that nearly 200 million patients take a Teva medicine every single day. 01

We’re leading the way with generic medicines

We’re proud to be the world’s leading supplier of generic medicines, having played a key role in developing the industry over the last century.

Medicines will often have more than one name: a generic name (the active or key ingredient of the medicine), and a brand name (the trade name the manufacturer gives to the medicine).

Generic medicines are typically sold at a substantially lower price compared to their branded medicine counterparts, as the development process is generally less costly. Generic medicines cost, on average, 80–85% less than brand-name medicines. 02

This might be the first time you’ve heard of a generic medicine - so here are a a few facts: 

Biopharmaceuticals: the next generation of innovative medicines

As we look for new ways to help improve the lives of patients around the world, we’re increasing our investment in biopharmaceuticals. Made from living cells or organisms, these complex medicines advance treatment options for patients and have the potential to deliver precise, personalised treatments.

Around the world, we have five biopharmaceuticals on the market and approximately 20 original biologic and biosimilar programmes in various stages of development. 03 Many of these will be produced in our new biopharmaceutical plant in Ulm, Germany.


Biopharmaceuticals are complex medicines made from living cells or organisms. Biologics and biosimilars advance more treatment options for patients, and have the potential to deliver precise and personalized treatment. Learn more about these complex medicines and what Teva is doing to advance treatment options for patients.

Innovative leadership, focused on core therapeutic areas

We’re committed to developing and delivering life-enhancing treatments across a wide range of therapeutic areas. We’re especially proud to be the second largest global supplier of medicines on the World Health Organisation’s Essential Medicines List for respiratory conditions, 04 as well as being one of the key global suppliers of oncology treatments.

Alongside these two key therapeutic areas, our innovative research and development team are focused on making treatments more accessible for patients suffering from migraines, headaches and pain, and neurodegenerative conditions.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG):
Making a difference where it matters most

At Teva, we are united by our unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on society and the world. We enhance access to essential medicines for people—no matter where they live. We respect the environment in our operations and supply chain, including by increasing renewable energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We promote the health and well-being of our people and foster an environment where everyone belongs and all opinions are valued. And we do business the right way—with integrity and transparency, always.

As of 2022, we’ve launched five access to medicines programmes that bring our products to vulnerable populations who otherwise would not be able to get them—and we’ll launch three more by 2025. You can learn more about our work with Global Hope (Haematology Oncology Paediatric Excellence) to bring critical medicines to children living with cancer across Africa on our global website. 

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ESG is everyone's business at Teva - it's how we care for our patients, our planet and each other.

Advancing access to essential medicines is at the heart of our mission. We are focused on fulfilling it by becoming a committed global health partner, addressing unmet needs, increasing the reach of affordable medicines, and expanding our generic and innovative medicines portfolio.

Additionally, we’re playing a key role in helping overcome the other great crisis facing the world today: climate change. Our commitments to both include:

  • Donating $487 million worth of medicines (307 million doses) in 2021 to patients in low- and middle-income countries
  • Reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025

And that is underpinned by issuing a $5 billion sustainability-linked bond (SLB), the first ever to be linked to both access to medicines and environmental targets.

Learn more about our ESG projects


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Date of preparation: September 2023
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