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Connecting to Teva

Teva uses social media as part of community relations and recruitment efforts.

Teva has several social media based services that you can use to keep up to date with company news and other activities, such as our recruitment. Some of these are subject to specific codes of conduct which can be read below or within the social media account itself. We also apply our own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to these activities.

Where it is appropriate to do so, we have enabled social sharing tools on pages of this website.  Because of the nature of Teva’s business, some content has not been enabled in this way and that content is restricted to healthcare professionals.  

We have a responsibility to manage our social activities appropriately in line with the regulatory environment in which we operate. To understand more visit “Working in a regulated environment”, where we explain what we can say and why.

Teva on Facebook

Our page is where you’ll find us sharing company news and jobs mainly, so by "liking" us on Facebook you'll find lots of opportunities to develop your career with Teva.

We manage this page in accordance with Facebook's Terms and Conditions, we also reserve the right to delete comments made on this page that we deem inappropriate. We cover this in more detail in our Guidelines information within our Facebook pages.

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Teva on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, and many of Teva’s 42,000 employees are part of that network.

We have a company profile for Teva UK Limited, and we encourage all our employees to connect to us as their employer and follow our company updates, that focus primarily on recruitment activities. You can also follow those updates and that means you’ll be amongst the first people to see our job opportunities.

We manage this page in accordance with LinkedIn's Terms and Conditions, we also reserve the right to delete comments made on our LinkedIn profile and posts that we deem inappropriate.

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Teva on Twitter

We tweet from Teva UK Limited, and our tweets focus primarily on recruitment activities. You can also follow those tweets and that means you’ll be amongst the first people to see our job opportunities. 

We also include hashtags such as  #FinanceJobs or #JobsUK  relevant to the particular job being advertised, to make our tweets appear in search results.

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Or search for our Twitter handle: @Teva_UK



We really like to see visitors to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sharing our content,  so if you see something you like, please do ‘Like’ it, and if you see a job that you think someone in your personal of professional network might be interested in, please share it with them.

Being accessible

We always want to be helpful but we can't deal with individual customer service issues on these platforms, please visit Contact Us for the best way to get in touch with us.

Setting the standard

We have set up our social platforms to share information with you about Teva and we welcome your comments. We work in a regulated environment so need to make sure we manage our content responsibly in line with these regulations. That means that although we’re not responsible for the accuracy of the items on this page not specifically posted by us, to follow these regulations we may have to remove some posts, graphics, comments, videos, photos or other content that are not consistent with our guidelines or the regulatory rules under which we operate. Read on for more details about why content may need to be removed from our page.


We like to see our posts being shared with other users - but please be polite and courteous, even if you disagree with someone. We won't tolerate foul language, offensive comments or discriminatory comments based on race, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion/belief. If you comment on a post please do not reveal personal information about anyone else. We ask that you do not mention prescription medicines or their alleged benefits or side effects (Teva’s or those of another company) in your comments as doing so may require us to remove your postings.  This is because in the UK we are not able to promote prescription medicines directly to patients, it’s one of the key regulations that govern our industry.

Using the right channel

We are unable to respond to individual requests for information and advice about prescription medicines through these social platforms, however you can visit Our Medicines on our website, where you’ll find Frequently Asked Questions, or the facility to contact us. Our social platforms are not the right place for Teva or visitors to our page to provide unauthorised medical advice and we will need to remove comments that attempt to do so. If you have a question about your medication please contact your healthcare professional.

Legal considerations

If any content violates another’s copyright or intellectual property or condones or promotes illegal activity, attempts to mislead, be fraudulent or deceptive, then we will need to remove that content from our page.

Protecting personal information

We will remove posts or comments that disclose personal information about a person or their health status. This is to protect the privacy of visitors and patient confidentiality rights.

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