Jaime Sanders

Jaime Sanders

Migraine Patient Stories

Jaime Sanders is a blogger and patient advocate. She lives in Virginia with her husband and three children.

  • Living With Condition: 34 Years
  • Location: Virginia, United States

About Jaime Sanders

Creating migraine and mental health-specific content is one of Jaime's passions. It helps keep her connected to these communities while offering support and validation for patients who feel their condition is stigmatised and misunderstood.

History of the Condition

Jaime has had a life-long journey with migraine, and she's lived most of her adult life with depression. As a toddler, Jaime was diagnosed with abdominal migraine, which progressed to chronic migraine as an adult. Jaime, a wife and mother, learned to turn her pain into empowerment over the last 37 years.

Jaime's advocacy work and blog aim to make an invisible disease visible to the rest of the world and validate the millions who live with pain. She works with several non-profit organisations to educate, empower and uplift migraine patients and their caregivers.

As a Migraine Patient Advocate Coordinator, Jaime helps recruit patients into advocacy. The long-term plan is to change legislature and insurance policies for migraine patients and improve their access to care on the state level.

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