Kerri Mackay

Kerri Mackay

Asthma Patient Stories

Kerri Mackay is a writer, quantified self-enthusiast, and e-patient with asthma and ADHD.

  • Living With Condition: 16 Years
  • Location: Winnipeg, Canada

About Kerri Mackay

Outside of her asthma advocacy, Kerri coaches the Manitoba Goalball team with Manitoba Blind Sports and young athletes with Special Olympics Manitoba. She definitely likes to keep busy!

She loves aeroplanes, travelling, writing, cupcakes, notebooks, and T-shirts.

History of the Condition 

Kerri was diagnosed with asthma in 2008.

She is the Patient Group Lead for the Canadian Severe Asthma Network (CSAN).

Outside the CSAN, Kerri is a Patient Investigator for the University of Alberta's Pulmonary Research Group and a Peer Mentor for Asthma Canada's Asthma Pals Mentorship Program.

Kerri Says: 

"I was diagnosed with asthma in 2008 at 17 after a series of misdiagnoses. Frustrated with my asthma and struggling to access proper care, I made it my mission to find resources for adolescents with asthma and connect with people like me. Thanks to my messed-up lungs, I've made many friends and best friends whom I remain connected to a decade later."

"I was assessed for and diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2013 when I turned 21. By applying the self-advocacy skills that I’d learned through my asthma diagnosis, I was able to better understand how my brain works. Almost a decade later, I happily embrace my neurodiversity and accept the many positives of ADHD."

Articles By Kerri Mackay

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