As a global company that influences the health and safety of millions of people, we recognise our responsibility to conduct our business with integrity. Operating in this manner helps ensure our long-term sustainability, allowing us to focus on what matters most—improving health and enabling better days.

Ensuring patient safety

Patient safety is our priority. We comply with all applicable medicine safety laws, label medicines accurately, and provide comprehensive safety information.We support legislation to help prevent widespread use of counterfeit drugs, which can lead to illness and death.


Our worldwide network of local safety officers, largely made up of physicians and pharmacists, is supported by our high manufacturing and clinical trial standards, quality assurance, and pharmacovigilance practices.Our pharmacovigilance division monitors, analyses, and reports potential safety risks associated with a Teva medicine or device, and delivers reports to health authorities.

Efforts to prevent counterfeit medicines

A new regulation mandates the U.S. and Europe to mark every saleable unit with a 2D barcode, with a unique serial number. We invested more than $120M USD in a global program to make 326 packing lines at 38 facilities counterfeit-compliant earlier than the regulatory requirement. This initiative required collaboration across our operations, quality assurance, regulatory, and commercial groups. Read more >  

Preserving a healthy environment and responsible supply chain

With 80 manufacturing sites in 33 countries, our operations are supported by thousands of vendors, contractors, and materials and services suppliers. We take a precautionary approach to environmental risk and engage suppliers that share our values and embed social and environmental considerations in their operations.

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Environmental footprint

At Teva, we believe we earn the right to operate by being effective stewards of the environment. Our Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Management System is aligned with internationally-recognized EHS standards, and numerous sites have achieved certification to one or more of these standards.

Reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

We strive to improve our energy efficiency and manage our energy mix to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our energy efficiency projects enable us to advance our long-term goal of zero emissions.

Converting to renewable electricity

We continue to expand our use of green (renewable) electricity in Europe. We have achieved our target of 100% green electricity at all Teva legacy sites in 11 countries. 30% of Teva’s global electricity supply (over 400,000 MWh) is green, helping us contribute to climate change mitigation by eliminating carbon emissions equivalent to powering almost 45,000 homes for a full year.

Reducing water consumption

We strive to conserve water and improve efficiencies at all facilities through implementation of a Water Conservation and Management standard.

Increasing beneficial reuse of waste

We strive to reduce waste generated at our sites and recycle as much waste as possible. Our target is to increase the rate of waste beneficially reused by 15% by 2020 compared to 2014.

Responsible sourcing

We have created a Supplier Code of Conduct, detailing expectations of our suppliers. We have also initiated the integration of compliance requirements into contracts and Purchase Orders.

Supplier diversity

Teva maintains its commitment to developing a network of suppliers that reflect our customer and patient base.

Supporting our people

Through our values-based culture, Teva meaningfully engages employees, promotes diversity, inclusion, and respect, emphasises health and wellbeing, and offers a safe work environment.

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Employee feedback and development

We value our employees’ perspectives and offer forums for them to share their input. Especially during times of change, we remain dedicated to investing in our employees’ personal growth by offering enriching programs and training.

Listening to our employees

We have an annual organisational health survey, in which many employees expressed a continued belief in the meaningful impact of Teva’s work on healthcare, patients, and society. The majority said they are treated with respect, care, and concern, and receive ongoing communications and feedback.

Investing in our workforce

To support our leaders and help them respond effectively to current challenges, we provide management development and leadership programs. We also have a managerial hub—an online “go-to” space to accelerate the learning curve across a range of management skills. Additionally, we have a Connect Performance and Reward process that helps managers engage employees in meaningful dialogue to enhance performance, support development, and recognise contributions. We target retention of high-potential employees through programs to support growth and have an employee recognition program.

Diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to maintaining an inclusive culture that encourages and empowers all individuals to contribute to the maximum extent of their capabilities.

Elevating women at Teva

We have consistently maintained equal representation of women and men across all levels of our organisation, including equality in manager roles. This provides business value and increases employee engagement. We are committed to breaking down any remaining barriers for women to advance at Teva.

Employee health and wellbeing

A healthy company requires healthy employees. We continue to provide support and platforms for employees to invest in their physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Safety at work

We believe every person has the right to a safe and healthy work environment and that all injuries, illnesses, and safety incidents are preventable. We are aiming toward a long-term aspiration of Target Zero: zero incidents, zero injuries, zero releases. This reflects our ongoing investment in building a culture of safety excellence.

Giving back

Our company impacts, and is influenced by the local community. We support them by volunteering our time and contributing professional and financial resources where they are most needed.

Community contributions

Teva provides financial assistance to support healthy, prosperous, and sustainable communities. We also donate medicines to patients in need. Providing medicines and support in times of emergency in partnership with accredited humanitarian relief organisations, we support emergency relief efforts to ensure patients receive the medications they need.

Community service

Our employees volunteer in their local communities and partner with organisations to support health. Many efforts are renewed annually.