Patient Associations

The Patients Association

The Patients Association is a healthcare charity which, for nearly 50 years,has advocated for better access to accurate and independent information for patients and the public; equal access to high quality health care for patients; and the right for patients to be involved in all aspects of decision making regarding their health care.

This organisation operates through a helpline where patients can tell their healthcare story. The information this provides the organisation with helps them campaign for improvements to health and social care services across the UK.

The National Association for Patient Participation

The National Association for Patient Participation has over 30 years’ experience and expertise in promoting, supporting and developing Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) working closely with GPs, practice teams and patients.

This organisation is all about setting up patient groups in GP surgeries so that patients can have their say and influence decisions made about the health services in their area. They want GPs and the people in their communities to work together and focus on continuous improvement.

National Voices

National Voices is a coalition of more than 200 national health and social care organisations, coming together to ensure a stronger voice for all those who come into contact with the NHS and care services, and the voluntary organisations that help them. Their independence of Government, and wide representation, rooted in service user experiences, gives them the authority they need to influence decision makers.


Online Communities

  • >
    This organisation has a well visited website which provides the opportunity to join forums to discuss health topics. It also contains lots and lots of information booklets and much more. The site has been recognised by a quality mark scheme supported by NHS England for the standard of the information it provides. 


  • patientslikeme.comPatientsLikeMe >
    PatientsLikeMe is an online patient network that allows people to connect with others who have the same disease, and track and share their own experiences to advance medicine. 


  • Patient OpinionPatient Opinion >
    An independent site about your experiences of health services in the UK. It provides lots of ways for conversations to happen between patients and health and social care organisations, using social media and other channels to gather feedback with the goal of making positive changes happen.



NHS websites

NHS websites across the UK

  • NHS Choices (England)

    NHS Choices is a website that helps you make lifestyle decisions and gives you information about the services available in your local area within England. It draws together a wide range of information from a variety of resources and is also an interactive site, with videos and the ability to comment about service you’ve experienced in doctor’s surgeries or while in hospital.
  • NHS Scotland

    This organisation works at the very heart of the health service. They provide expertise and strategic support services to NHS Scotland. Providing this supporting role for NHS Scotland means they work with NHS Boards, to deliver services.

  • Health in Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is available 24 hours a day, every day to provide information and health guidance.
  • Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland

    This organisation provides links to Health & Social Care Services in Northern Ireland, as well as advice about healthy lifestyles, the latest local, national and international health news and online access to medical databases.