A well kept secret in UK healthcare


You may be visiting this page because you have received one of our medicines on prescription and want to find out more about us. Well, we’re Teva and you’re in good company because we help millions of patients just like you manage their health every single day.

This Guide to Teva gives you a quick snap shot of the company so you can see what we’re about, how we can help you, and reassure you that Teva are a medicines company who have been making a valuable contribution to UK healthcare for decades. That means that you can have confidence in the medicine you are taking and the company that has supplied it.

Providing valuable support to patients in the UK

We appreciate that everyone’s individual healthcare needs are different – and there could be a number of reasons for your visit today, depending on your experiences, which medicine(s) you are taking, whether you are a patient or a care giver.

We’re here to help and have a support network here to answer as many of your questions as we are able. That’s why we’ve created an area dedicated to your most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need there, or in your Patient Information Leaflet, you can contact us by this website, by phone or by email.

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Working with the NHS

We see healthcare as a shared responsibility, and we're keen to do our bit. That's why we work in partnership with the NHS and the Department of Health to help improve patient outcomes and also offer value for money. 

We focus on supporting the NHS in managing long-term conditions, addressing cost-efficient prescribing and developing joined-up care. We're committed to working in partnership with national, regional and local NHS organisations to support and implement developments in healthcare delivery, for the benefit of patients.

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Generic medicines save the NHS billions every year

Many of our medicines are what’s called a ‘generic’, and this might be the first time you’ve come across a generic Teva medicine. We want you to know that you can be sure generic medicines contain the same active, or key, ingredient(s) as the original medicine brand. It’s a little bit like buying the premium brand baked beans at the supermarket versus buying the lower cost alternative home brand of baked beans from the supermarket themselves. The key ingredient for both is still beans.

Generic medicines save the NHS billions of pounds a year.1 These savings mean that when difficult decisions about the allocation of funding need to be made within the NHS, generic medicines have done their part in allowing a proportion of the budget to be freed up.

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Continuing our research into new medicines

We have teams of people around the world looking at how existing medicines might be better used – for example, instead of taking a tablet every day, you may be able to take one a week; a medicine that you previously had to inject may be able to be taken as a tablet; or something that treated one illness may be combined with something else to treat another condition.

When developing brand new medicines, our particular areas of focus and expertise are in disorders of the central nervous system, respiratory conditions like asthma, oncology and pain relief, and we invest heavily in investigating potential new treatments and in the safety for patients of those potential treatments.

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Being a responsible company matters to us

Saying we’re a responsible company isn’t just something we pay lip-service to; it’s something we strive hard to be. It’s about acting with honesty and integrity, treating each other with respect and doing the right thing – even when no-one is looking. That’s why, as well as abiding by our industry’s strict codes of practice and other relevant rules and regulations, we also have our own comprehensive Code of Conduct, and Values.

We want to make a positive impact on society and we work hard to make everything we do relevant and positive for our patients, our employees, our customers, the environment and the communities we serve.

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